Apr 24, 2017

Readers Survey

Happy Monday everyone! How's your Monday going? It's been pretty great weather in here in Atlanta so I cant complain much and I while browsing through I've been noticing a lot of new faces around my little blog! Welcome!

As some of you know, this blog used to be called "Fierce, Fabulous and Fit" and while I loved that name for the past 6 years, my blog really started evolving from parties and grad papers, to engagements, marriage, mommyhood and more! This blog has really opened up so much for me and my family that I wanted to figure out a name and made the switch December of 2015 for a whole new blog name, with still some key features that I know you all love and enjoy reading!

Speaking of what YOU love and enjoy, I wanted to reach out to you to get some feedback for upcoming blog posts. What are you loving? What do you hate? Is there anything I can do to make you keep coming back ( besides bribe you with Starbucks gift cards and clothing ;).. kidding..or am I ?! )

If you'd be so kind to fill out this survey for me, I'd appreciate so I know what you're looking for, why you keep coming back, what you can't stand about my blog ( I really do appreciate honest feedback ) and what you're hoping to find here at Cait's Cozy Corner. Those that fill out the survey are entered in a little drawing I have for a fun prize but I won't share what it is just yet!
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