Apr 27, 2017

Top 5 Books For Big Siblings

Lily's officially been a big sister for an entire day! Woohoo! While there are certain to be a lot of changes that are going to be coming up in the next few weeks now that her baby brother is here, she knows what an important role a big sister has over her sibling. We've been preparing Lily that she'll be a big sister for the past few months and while she knows that there was a baby in Mommy's tummy growing, I don't think she'll fully get the concept until she actually see's her baby brother for the first time.

In order to prepare her for being the best big sister she can be, I started finding some books to read her to at night so she could get an understanding of what it truly means. An older sibling myself, I remember how much I loved sharing with my friends my own sibling so I hope these books can help put a bit of perspective for your little one.

1. Baby On The Way - This book discusses what life is going to be like as an older sibling but also what to expect while Mommy is pregnant. Many of the pages have a few side notes with cute activity ideas that a new big sister or brother can do to help Mom and welcome the new baby. This book covers a bit about what will happen when Mom and Dad are away at the hospital which I know Lily understood because my SIL will be here but for those that have kids that are unsure, its a great idea. 

2. You're Getting A Baby Brother - This book also comes in "You're Getting A Baby Sister" too! I love the humorous and rhyming of this book that shares the good and not so good aspects of having a baby brother. The end is super sweet and there's even a special place in the back where you can add a few special thoughts and your own photo of big sister and baby brother. 

3. Babies Don't Eat Pizza- A straightforward, reassuring book aimed at children awaiting the arrival of a new baby in the family. Organized into logical sections—from babies' development in the womb to the hospital to what infants look like—the accessible text offers sound, comforting detail. A wonderful spread of "Your Basic Baby" points out everything from "wacky hair" to hospital bracelets. Several pages cover how infants fit into a family's life, explaining what they eat and do and how older siblings can interact with them. There are many self-affirming phrases like, "…you can be a big sister or big brother. That's important. Stand up, take a bow! Hooray for you!" The final page gives expectant parents tips on how to deal with potential sibling rivalry. 

4. The New Baby In this charming picture book about a new addition to the family, Little Critter learns that a new baby sister is on the way. But things don’t go as planned, and as the new baby takes up more of mom and dad’s time, Little Critter begins to wonder what he was so excited about in the first place. I love this book as a child and love that my daughter usually requests this one before bed. 
5. On Mother's Lap -  My daughter loves this book It goes through a scene where a young boy wants to sit on his mother's lap, but keeps finding toys, loveys, blankets, etc. to bring onto his mother's lap with him (so, mother's lap slowly becomes more and more overloaded). The final scene shows a baby sibling wanting to join on the lap as well. The older boy doesn't think the baby will fit, but the mother assures him that there is always room on her lap. And, in the end, everyone (the two kids) and everything (the various toys, etc.) are able to fit.

What books do you have in mind to read to your big sibling?
Are there any you can remember reading?
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