Apr 25, 2017

Why You Need Sunkissed Hair

For those of you that have been around the blog for a while, you know that I used to have very boring hair. Boring as in I never ever ever colored my hair. It’s been the same dark shade of chocolate brown since I was born. As a kid, my mother used to always tell me never to dye my hair, even though all my friends were bleaching their owns. I was super jealous. Why couldn’t I put a little bit of color in my hair to make it look sunkissed?

As usual, my mother was right to have me wait for as long as I did to try and add some fun highlights to my hair. I traveled to a town called Dawsonville to the J.Thomas Salon where I’ve heard so many great things not only about the hair dressers and their very easy approachable personalities, but the atmosphere itself of the salon. Tucked away in the mountains, the gem of a salon is one that is extremely pleasing to the eye. The environment is soothing and relaxing and the bustle and excitement of clients squealing over their new hair makes it engaging. Clients leave with hugs from their hair dressers and a huge smile on their faces.

I had Ashlee working on my hair, a sweet and personable woman who immediately helped me with coming up with the  color. Instead of the streaks of color that woman sometimes have, I wanted a more peek-a-boo affect with my highlights. This term is also referred to as balyage. or 'to sweep' in French. Having sun kissed highlights like caramels and blondes is exactly what I was hoping to have with this new hair and Ashlee did an incredible job of adding color where it should be, layered throughout my hair and easily hidden or shown depending on how I wanted to wear my hair.

I also love that the balayage style allows you to continuously grow your hair and wait longer between appointments to get it touched up. The more natural approach for first timers like myself was exactly what I was going for and I couldn't be more pleased with my hair and my stylist. If you're looking for a great salon, check out J.Thomas and ask for Ashlee, or anyone on the staff. They are extremely engaging and affordability priced.

Wanting a hair style that's easy to care for, afford and look like a boss for summer? Than you need to get balayage highlights! You'll feel confident, sexy and look and feel like the woman you are! You go girl boss!

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