May 18, 2017

3 Night Time Tips For Getting Rid Of Acne

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As a teenager, I was one of the many who suffered from acne. I started getting pimples in middle school, those big pests that were so red and deep that they hurt just with one touch! I hate to admit, but I also picked a lot of them which was the worst idea looking back now. I have to deal with a few scars from it. After high-school and college, my acne finally cleared up, and I felt amazing with clear skin again! Gone were the days of large cysts that overtook my chin and cheeks.


Suddenly when I hit 25, my acne flared up again. I blamed it on planning a wedding, being stressed with graduate school and trying to find a home for Zach and I to live in. But it got worse as the years progressed, and nothing seemed to help to me. After talking with a few friends, I realized the three things I was missing to really help my skin be the best it could be, and now if I don't do any of these items, my skin suffers. To help my face stay clear of acne, here are my three tips.

1. Drink More Water - I know this seems like an easy thing for some, but water has never been a go-to for me. In fact, I would choose to really drink anything else until I realized how much my skin was suffering from it. My face becomes extremely dry, and it cracks and peels when it misses the needed hydration that water gives us. I now carry a 28oz water bottle with me everywhere, especially to bed when I wake up thirsty. It helps to keep me hydrated all day and night!

2. Sleep - This also may seem like a no brainer, but trust me when I say that pulling an all nighter for your test the next day is not worth it! When I didn't sleep, I made poor choices the rest of the day like not wanting to work out, eating unhealthy foods and just being in a sour mood. I began putting myself to bed at 9pm to help me get the 8 hours of sleep that I needed. Waking up refreshed and well rested was the key to starting the day off right, eating healthy and gaining a great glow to my skin.

3.  Use Differin® Gel  - Trust me when I say I've used so many products over the years to help with my acne, but nothing really seemed to stick. Some were overpriced, some promised too many results but didn’t deliver and some made my skin worse. Differin® Gel was exactly what my skin needed. Differin® Gel is the first and only prescription strength retinoid now available over the counter for clearing and preventing acne. It's the newest advancement and ingredient in the OTC acne category in over 30 years! It actually starts to help clear my breakouts where they start and prevent the breakouts from even occurring, which restores skin’s texture and tone! I apply a small layer all over my face at night, plus I add moisturizer to help with dryness. Even though my skin can look clear, I still use this every single night to help prevent those future breakouts from happening.

So let's say you don't think your skin is that bad? Even if you suffer from mild or moderate acne, I would recommend using these products to keep your skin under control. Please use caution when using Differin® Gel with more than one acne treatment or glycolic acid product because this could lead to irritation.

I found my Differin® Gel at my local Walmart which made it easy to grab and start using right away! It's located in the skincare aisle. What are some of your tips to getting rid of acne? 

This product is dermatologist developed and tested. Please call 1-866-735-4137 for any questions you may have concerning the product. However, should you experience any problems while using the product, please discontinue use and consult your healthcare provider.

What are some of your tips to getting rid of Acne?

Do you suffer too?

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  1. I need to remember some of those tips - water and sleep are my downfall! #client

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