May 15, 2017

4 Ways to Live Life As the Real You!

Hi everyone! Today I have Erika from entirely erika on the blog talking about 4 ways to live life as the real you! Take it away my friend! 

4 Ways to Live Life as the Real You

If I were to ask you if you are truly living life as the "real" you..what would your answer be?

Most will scoff and say "Of course I am!", without a second thought, but I have to really wonder if you mean it. Others may say, "I try to stay true, but it can be hard sometimes!" There might even be a few who feel they are lost and are reading this post to find a little guidance.

Whatever category you find yourself in, you will need to dig deep and reflect on all aspects of YOU while we discuss ways to live life to the realest {I've possibly just made that up, but it works}.

Again, remember this blog is here to keep you in check, guide you to the realest you, and help you live your best life possible. Let's unleashing the realness and hopefully, you can start applying a few of these keys to happiness.

I know from personal experience that these four tips help. I stopped being what others wanted and "did me" and I have never been happier!

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• find your happy •

Really, what does it mean to be happy? defines the word happy as one being delighted, pleased, or glad about a particular thing and/or person.

What and/or who makes you happy? Really think about this...don't start spouting off material items or the first person that comes to mind. Who or what really makes you smile?

If you ask me WHO, I would instantly tell you my happiness comes from my husband, family, and my four dogs. If you asked me again and asked me WHAT makes me happy, I would say music and teaching.

This list is what makes my world spin, but let me break it down a little more, let's look at why these made my list.

My husband made the list for more than the reason that he and I are married. I have dated a lot of losers in my life and thankfully, I refused to settle and reconnected with Steven {Shout out Facebook!}. He truly is one of the only men, other than my father, who has NEVER made me sad or feel less than. He has always let me be my own person and has never asked me to be something or someone I am not. I truly wish this sense of happiness and belonging to all my readers both in their marriages and relationships.

I know a lot of people reading this may still be dating or single, looking for their partner. One word of advice...


The next group allows me to have a constant form of entertainment... my family. Thankfully, my family is normal-ish and I wouldn't have it any other way. I have a wide array of characters in my family and many do not know they are my form of entertainment. I would never tell them who they are but keep please keep being you. : ]

Another source of entertainment is my pack of animals. My ABOUT ME section shows their adorable faces and the mischief in their eyes. I cannot see my life without a dog in it like literally I cannot imagine it. People often give me the "look at this weird dog lady" face when I talk about my animals. I bet you can guess what I think about that...I couldn't care less. Again, they are my happiness so I do not care if you think I am weird for being happy...move along. : ]

Now it is your turn to be real with yourself and ask if this person, place or thing you originally names is checking all of your boxes and making you the happiest you can be. If you say no...I think you know what you need to do.

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• find your style •

In today's world, fashion and makeup are ever changing and can cause a lot of anxiety for some. I can remember as far back as third grade; kids teasing other students {including myself} about their clothing not being a certain brand. In fourth grade, it was all about the GAP anorak {HELLO 1999!}. Looking back on it, I am not sure why anyone was teased for NOT wearing you might get teased for actually wearing one. SEE fashion IS a fickle thing!

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Fast forward to my middle and high school days, it was all about Hollister and Abercrombie...also known as all kids looking like they are about to go surfing at any given moment. Girls and boys wearing shirts with inappropriate sayings {ever so subtlety} and boys layering their polos with "popped" collars...I shudder thinking these were ever real things.

It wasn't until high school that I really started wearing what I wanted when I wanted, how I wanted. I was a frequent flyer in Hot Topic and PacSun, but at the time this is what made me happy. I was not wearing what all of the "popular" students were wearing and that was okay. I felt confident and that is all that mattered.

My present self still has the same outlook on my style. If it makes me feel good I wear it...the end. Nine times out of ten, it is probably something I found at Goodwill or extremely discounted at any other retailer {faves: Old Navy and Target}. I rely heavily on basics and rarely stray the path of neutrals {I LOVE black}.

Nine times out of ten, it is probably something I found at Goodwill or extremely discounted at any other retailer {faves: Old Navy and Target}. I rely heavily on basics and rarely stray the path of neutrals {I LOVE black}.

This may seem boring to most but it is what makes me happy. My many shades of black lining my closet bring a smile to my face and I refuse to turn down a good neutral piece. Lilly Pulitzer who?


Personally, when it comes to makeup, my face resembles my clothing...neutral. I don't venture farther than eyeliner, mascara, and a little eye shadow if I am feeling fancy. I do not really mess with my face, quite honestly, because I have never been fortunate to have the baby's bottom smooth face that many beauty experts have. I mean really y'all how do they do it?!

Another factor that leads me to the naked face I usually sport is my inability to find a matching shade when my skin is deciding to somewhat cooperate. I never realized how pale I was until the day I walked down the aisle at Target and bought the lightest shade, took it home, applied it, and really was comical how dark it still was, it looked like a mask.

I have since been made aware of a literal white foundation that can be added to said comical foundation to tone it down to my Casper-like complexion...the jury is still out on this. I plan to try it out...wish me luck. defines style as a particular kind, sort, or type when talking about form, appearance, or character. Take this from the purple haired school one needs to take pleasure from your appearance aside from you. Do not dress for society, your partner, your friends, or anyone else...make yourself happy and you will never have a miserable life!

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• find your people •

Historically, I have always had a lot of friends but only a few I could say are my closest. I am possibly one of the nicest people you will meet in your entire life and I am always up to add a new friend, but there is a difference between a friend and your "person" or "people" {Grey's Anatomy anyone?}.

Growing up, I never felt drawn to a certain clique or crowd and I am SO thankful for this. It made my school years that much happier because I was not constantly feeling the pressure to dress, act, etc. As adult, not much has changed. I am my own person and those who like that are my friends. Am I not your cup of tea? I smile nonetheless and I will be sweet as pie.

How to find your people and know they are real? If something happens to you that is a struggle, life-altering, and all around terrible... the ones that are still there are your tribe. Keep them close! Take note of the ones who left you during the difficult time and continue to love them, but at a distance.

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• lose the drama •

There are two types of people in this world; those who avoid drama and those who create it. Pause...ask yourself which type of person you are.

If you said you create drama...why? What good does the creation of drama do for the universe? Are you possibly just bored? If so, get a hobby, pet a dog, drink a cup of coffee. Stop! You have to think of the energy you are putting into the world. Think if what you are doing or saying is making your life and others'} better? If you respond with a no, STOP!

If you said avoid drama... sit by me. We all have a friend that is a drama creator, help those friends become drama-less. Show them your ways! Could you imagine the world with less drama and more camaraderie and love? Oh, what a world it would be!

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  1. There is a peace and comfort to be found when you embrace who YOU really are, and find people who love you for that very reason. You can't find it anywhere else in life... Not like that...

    Britt |


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