May 4, 2017

Baby Girl Pregnancy VS Baby Boy Pregnancy

 So many of you have been asking the differences between my first pregnancy, which was my daughter Lily, and my second pregnancy, which was with our son. For the most part everything was the same but there were some other things that was unique to each pregnancy. Of course, these are all my opinions and experiences because so many other women I've talked to that also have one of each gender had similar but different experiences.

Weight Gain: With my daughter's pregnancy, I gained 55lbs! Believe me, at 5'2 and starting out pretty thin, this was a huge issue for me from walking to standing for long periods of time. The reason I gained so much weight wasn't because of her size however, but because I was diagnosed with preclampsia ( in my third trimester ) I was carrying around 3 times the amount of amniotic fluid then a 'normal pregnancy' and man did I feel it everywhere.
                       With my son's pregnancy, I gained about 45lbs which wasn't awful to me because due to his size, I was crazy big! Although it is true what they say about boy's being a lot lower as well so I felt like my poor stomach was bulging out all the time!

Heartbeat : My daughter's heartbeat was always in the 150's so before we even know what her gender was, that was our possibly indicator that she could be a girl ( myth's believe that over 140 it's a girl and under it's a boy ) however! When I went in for our son's 12 week appointment, his heartbeat was in the 150 range as well so I thought for sure we were having a girl until we had our harmony test results that it was a boy! Don't always believe what you hear!

Beauty: Another myth that happens with girl and boy pregnancies are the joys of hormones and acne. With my daughter, wow was I bloated and felt like a teenager girl with how bad my acne was all over my face. I'll spare the details but I tried everything to get rid of them. With my son's pregnancy, you apparently did get a glow and mine seemed to be beaming from my second trimester well into my third. My face looked great and my nails and hair felt thicker and softer!

Cravings: My cravings with my son were somewhat similar to my daughter's. I loved ice cream, fruit ( so many berry salads! ) and chocolate. The one big difference was I really craved pickles and chicken sandwiches with my son. I laugh because I never really liked pickles but I could almost down an entire jar of them in 2 sittings. Sour = amazing.

Movement: Well into my third trimester, I couldn't feel my daughter as much due to all the fluid. It made me nervous I'll admit but once in a while my friends would start laughing because she'd somehow love to curl up on my right rib cage for hours at a time. All you would see is a huge hump! With my son, he would barely sit still and because I didn't have that much fluid around him, I'd feel everything! His fingers wiggling ( or at least that's what I would think it was ! ) his kicks, his hiccups and lots of rolling around! It's true, boys are really active!

If you've had gender difference pregnancies were yours the same?
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