May 16, 2017

Favorite Home Decor Pieces from Uncommon Goods

This post is sponsored by Uncommon Goods. All opinions and pictures are my own. 

When Zach and I purchased our home almost two years ago I was so excited to find some cute pieces to decorate it with various pieces that we both loved. Today I'm sharing some of my favorite home decor pieces from one of my favorite brands, >Uncommon Goods. If you haven't already heard of this adorable store, it was founded in 1999 and features unique decor, tabletop items, jewelry and handcrafted gifts. All the items are created in the US and about one- third of the collection incorporates recycled and/or upcycled materials. I love decorating with various accents like >these and throw pillows like >these! I've also added some other home decor pieces below!

1. Night Light - My daughter has suddenly become scared of the dark the last few months and I've been looking for a cute night light to add to her room. This >one is adorable and I love the elephants! Find more designs >here.

2. Bicycle Welcome Mat - This is a perfect mat for summer time! It actually looks similar to my bike that I own and I just love the colors. Grab this one >here but don't forget to check out some other cute ones like these too!

3. Heart Marks The Spot Pillow - I love a >cozy plush pillow to add to a guest bedroom or even my own. This one is my favorite because you can place the heart for whatever reminds of you that particular spot like where you said your vows, where you got engaged, your favorite city or your hometown. The possibilities are endless!

4. Owl Glasses Holder - Calling all glasses wearers! How adorable is this owl eye glass holder? I can just see it on my side bedside table instead of trying to search for my glasses when I hear one of my kids start to wake up. Grab it >here for your four eyed friends or yourself! It'd make the perfect gift.

5. Candles - You all know I'm a sucker for candles and these are just the cutest! Literacy candles are my weakness and I couldn't pass on getting some of my favorites like The Mad Hatter Tea Party and the Sherlock Holmes. Find more fragrances >here.

What are some of your favorite pieces that you love to decorate your home with?
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  1. I am in search of really cool pillows :)

  2. Type of fragrance - some scents are just more expensive/less expensive to make. Pure and simple, some fragrances oils are made of raw materials that are just more or less expensive.

  3. It is beautiful. I think I drooled all over my computer. While I'm not partial to the greenish color on the walls, I love how they created the finish. Thanks for sharing with us. Check Now


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