May 11, 2017

Feel Like You’re on Capri on a Staycation Budget

When it comes to picturesque vacation locales, Italy’s island of Capri is second to none.  But what if you can’t splurge for the magical place with the rocky caves and mythical beauty?  It’s no reason to stay at home and pout.  We’ve got a guide for making the most of a day off, even if the only island you’re visiting is the one in your kitchen.


Your job is actually beginning to feel like work, your toes haven’t seen the sand in months, and after last month’s student loan payment, your bank account is moaning in agony.  Take it easy.  You may not be getting on a plane, but we’ve got a few ideas on how you can cast responsibilities aside for a weekend and take care of you.

If you can’t make it to your favorite vacation destination, see what a spray tan can do for your pale skin.  A spray tan can give you that sun-kissed glow without the harmful effects of UV rays and tanning beds.

The bronze tint will last for days (and sometimes weeks!) at a cost that won’t break the bank.  $40, give or take, can get you an appointment in a salon, and in some major cities you can get a mobile tanner to come to you for $55-$125.

How does it work?  Wearing a bikini or thong, step into a person-sized tent.  The spray attendant will use an airbrush paint spraying machine to evenly distribute the tan solution.  Once she’s done, you can dress again in loose fitting clothing so you don’t mess up your tan with tight straps and bands.  Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see the color you’d hoped for right away.  True results appear in two days.

Depending on where you work, you may typically wear more tailored clothing to an office or leisure wear if you work at home.  But a staycation calls for your prettiest sundresses.  Here are a few options for your take-me-away days:

Besides being utterly Instagrammable, a floral fabric gives any dress a feminine boost instantly.  You may find yourself pairing the dress with a straw hat because, hey, girl’s got style.

There’s something elegant about a maxi dress, with its graceful length and modest design.  Yep, you’ve got gorgeous legs under there, but you don’t need to show them off ALL the time.

Take that golden glow of yours and show off some skin!  A shoulder revealing dress brings a cheekiness to whatever you’re doing, wherever you’re doing it.


Leave the blow dryer at home.  Oh wait - you might already be there.  But leave it in your bathroom drawer, because vacation hair has no business being straight.

Got curls?  Great!  Use a bit of product to manage your mane if necessary, but let your hair free and give it a break from the 9-5 demands you usually put on it.

You can do the same with straight hair by leaving it air dry, or you can fake some sexy beach waves with a simple curling technique.  Take a 2-inch section of hair and use the curling iron to grab it near the root.  Twist hair around the barrel of the iron, leaving the inch near the ends sticking out.  After 5 seconds, gently release the curl and watch as an unfussy, gentle curl tumbles out.  Repeat.

If your apartment isn’t going to cut it for that leave-it-all-behind feeling, look into getting yourself a piece of someone else’s real estate - if only for the night.

Airbnb is the perfect place to search for your own private hideaway.  Name your price and find exactly what you’re looking for.  Maybe it’s a yurt in the wilderness, where you can become one with nature.  If you prefer the sound of gently lapping water over crickets, find a yacht - A yacht?  Why not? - under the stars.  And if you want to keep it simple, for starters, borrow an apartment just like yours in the next town over.  Hey, at least it’s not your apartment.  

Ever notice how some girls have all the good photos?  We’ve got a secret: it’s not them, it’s their filters.  Make friends with a few Instagram filters to take your staycation photos from good to gorgeous.


Instagram’s Lark desaturates reds while enhancing blues and greens, bringing landscapes to life.

Toaster makes everything warm, with emphasis on the center of the photo. This “burning” effect makes the photo look aged - perfect for sunsets and beaches.

Looking for a dusty, classic feel to your photo?  Look no further than Vintage, which is also great for hiding any little imperfections your spray tan doesn’t conceal.

You’re looking carefree and beautiful, as it should be.  The only thing left to do is go somewhere wildly different without leaving your seat.  With a book, of course.  Pick up a riveting read that you can take with you from your chair on the deck to a whole new perspective.

As four friends from college are reunited after ten years apart, this story offers reflections on the choices we make and the road to adulthood.

37 years after she secretly gave birth as a teen mother, the author shares a heartbreaking memoir of the months she spent before giving a child up for adoption.

Set in 1950s Houston, this is a tale about two young socialites whose intense friendship causes them to navigate a path to destruction.

The sleeping in, the solitude, and the beauty that surrounds you - savor every moment of this special trip of yours.  Capri can wait - for now, you’ve got everything you need to make your close-to-home trip as exciting as any place in the world!

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