May 1, 2017

How To Feel Like Yourself Again After Baby

Well hey there. What time is it? Noon? Midnight? I honestly have no idea anymore. Since having our little guy a week ago I feel like I'm just a zombie. I know those that have kids can relate and hey, those of you college kids that have pulled all nighters for finals week can relate to that zombie feeling. Welcome. It's awful isn't it?

But having a newborn is supposed to be fun? It's amazing! Some days I just pinch myself because I can't believe we created this little awesome guy. Other times, I want to scream from exhaustion because I'm still haven't changed out of my sweat pants, showered in 48 hours or ... wait I did brush my teeth right? Alright so the point is, you're exhausted but super happy.

So how do you start to feel like yourself again after having such a little miracle? Here's what I've been doing.

1. Walking- When we had Lily three years ago, it was in the middle of a Chicago blizzard so we weren't able to get out much. Now with our little man and living in Atlanta, it's amazing to be able to go outside and take a walk when we need a change of scenery. Fresh Air does wonders.

2. Call A Friend - Now that I'm on Maternity leave for a few weeks, it can get pretty lonely without having anyone to chat with. I love calling some of my college girlfriends just to catch up and see how things are going. A long chat with an old friend always puts me in a great mood.

3. Shower/Bathe - Sounds ridiculous but you wouldn't believe what having a 20 minute shower or a half hour bath does to my self esteem. At times when I feel like I'm going to explode, I'll ask Zach to watch both kids so I can just enjoy a quick soak in the tube. It's life changing my friends. Life changing.

4. Smart Snacking - I'm hungry ALL the time you guys! BF is no joke on the hunger cues but I always want to make sure I'm not just devouring an entire chocolate cake. It is going into summer after all right? ;) If friends come over, I ask them to bring big salads or bowls of fruit I know I can enjoy later. Green smoothies are my jam too and I think the little man thinks it's like dessert for him too.

How do you feel like yourself after having a baby/anything?

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