May 9, 2017

I'm Going To Give You A Bear Hug + Giveaway!

I received a complimentary book to keep and a book to give away in exchange for promotion on this post and on social media. This post contains affiliate links. 
Im Going to Give You a Bear Hug Review
As most of you know, my toddler loves reading. Despite being 3 years old, she is one of my most fearless readers; devouring through page after page and giggling along to the plot of the story. If there is anything that makes this Mom's heart soar, it's watching my daughter fall in love with reading just like her Mom.
Story time is one of our favorite things to do, either right before bed or even just on lazy Sunday afternoons. One of our new favorite books to read is, I'm Going To Give You A Bear Hug by Caroline B. Cooney. This book really interested my toddler with it's adorable animal theme, bright pictures and cute story line. It demonstrates various hugs for a child using animal comparisons which is such a cute idea! Lily loves sharing what each animal noise makes and sometimes even gives me big 'bear hugs' or 'caterpillar hugs'.

Although I'm always a sucker for a good story line, I have to say the illustrations are just as captivating. Lily really can hold her own while listening to the story, pointing out various animals, colors and even the cute teddy bear that the little boy brings with him to each hug adventure. To us, it's the perfect bedtime story to enjoy at the end of the day, especially because Zach and I always give Lily a huge hug when we put her to bed.
Although this book is geared towards 4-8 year olds, there is no reason why your toddler or any child around that age wouldn't enjoy this story. Oh and the best part? You get to have a chance to win your own I'm Going To Give You A Bear Hug book for your little one to read! I have your own hard cover novel ready to be sent out so all you have to do is enter below! The Giveaway is only open to U.S. residents ages 18 and older. Go ahead and use the form below to enter!

I'm Going To Give You A Bear Hug Giveaway
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  1. Dr Suess: One Fish. Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

  2. My favorite book as a kid was Going on a Bear Hunt!

  3. My favorite has always been Goodnight Moon.

  4. my favorite book growing up was the nursery rhymes like the little old lady who lived in a shoe, old mother huburd, i loved that book filled with them

  5. I love reading Twinkle, Twinkle ~ a longer one than one may think and I sing-song it to my kids as they go to sleep

  6. My favorite book growing up Cat in the hat

  7. I like Dr. Suess and Dick and Jane series. There the best to me!

  8. My favorite childhood book was " Where the sidewalk ends"


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