May 24, 2017

Life Lately

Well happy hump day there friends! I can't believe May is almost over and we're already getting into June! It's been a while since I've updated you all on what's been going on lately so I thought we could play some catch up! Sound good? Awesome! Grab a cup of your favorite coffee and let's catch up on life!

How's life been going? Great question! It's been busy of course. With a newborn to keep occupied ( ie nursing, changing diapers, cleaning and folding mountains of laundry ) you get the idea right? Thankfully Landon is a great baby and although we've had our ups and downs with clustering, 45 minutes of sleep some days and melt downs but the ups outweigh the downs with smiles, snuggles and lots of sunshine walks!

Have people been visiting? Yes! My parents were here a few weeks ago, my sister and cousin are flying in on Friday and staying until next Tuesday and my in-laws are flying down next Friday and staying for 9 days! Phew! It's great having everyone here and I'm happy to have the company but I also like my own space as well. Anyone else need some 'me time'?

Shopping Problem? Now that I'm slowly getting back to my post weight I'm needing to find clothes that actually fit. Does anyone else find it tricky to shop when you're in between post baby weight? Any ideas on where to shop? I've been finding so many cute things that I have to keep telling myself I don't really need at the moment... hmmm. Send me some of your favorite places friends! I'm also obsessed with my new Lily and Jade diaper bag I received last week. You'll love it when I show it on Instagram next week!

Have you Been Out? Yes! Last week Zach and I had a date at the new Brave's Stadium with my parents and friends! Lucky for us it's not that far from our house so I was able to enjoy a few hours with everyone and still get home in time to feed my little guy! Phew! This Mom stuff is seriously no joke but I'm loving it just the same! Just trying to figure out how to balance it all right?!

Share with me something that has been going on in your life!

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