May 31, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Hump day everyone! I wanted to share about my amazing weekend with my cousin and sister who flew into town last Friday and stayed for one epic 3 day weekend.

Whenever the three of us get together we laugh, chat, laugh some more and just enjoy being around one another! Of course my children loved having their aunts here too and because we rarely get to see one another throughout the year, there were many long hours of coloring, playing at the park and the pool, being outside, eating ice cream, watching movies and just enjoying the quality time together.
Throughout my maternity leave thus far, I have to say it's been a blast having so many various people come down to visit us. In the last 5 weeks, Landon has grown tremendously! He had his one month check up last week and already weighs 11lbs ! Lord help me you guys! He clearly loves to eat ( and I love being married to my pump...erm not ) and is already in the 90th percentile for his height! My little man is already growing to probably be a big boy as the months continue! It's just going so fast!

Zach and I took advantage of some Memorial Day sales over the weekend too and were able to sneak away from the kids thanks to my sweet family members offering to babysit them for  a few hours and bought ourselves a new couch. That may not sound super exciting to some but we've been eyeing a couch for years and finally pulled the plug to purchase it! It's going to be delivered in a few weeks and I foresee many nights and days enjoying it with my family.

Alright friends, we'll I'm off to get a few things done before our next batch of company comes in on in-laws! Enjoy your day!
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