May 15, 2017

Mother's Day Weekend + Mother's Day Questions!

Hey there friends and happy Monday! I hope your weekend was as lovely as ours. We had gorgeous weather starting Saturday! Last week was one heck of a week I will say. Landon began clustering like crazy, I've had plenty of projects and house work to keep me busy for hours at a time and on occasion I'll try and nap here and there. Let's just say I've been anxious for this weekend to start because Zach had a few fun things planned for our Mother's Day weekend.

This year marked to be a special one because it was the first time I was able to celebrate with TWO kids. That may not sound like much to some but it was really incredible for myself.  My parents are also in town this week and flew in yesterday so it was also special to celebrate Mother's Day with my own Mom. As some of you may have seen on my Snapchat or Insta Stories, my husband and children went above and beyond with a gift for me. I have been wanting a certain bag for years but could never pull the trigger. When I opened my gift yesterday morning, I was almost speechless as I saw this beauty in front of me. Emotional over a bag? You bet. I felt beyond blessed. 

 I saw this questioner floating around and wanted to share my thoughts on becoming a Mom myself over the past 3 1/2 years. Let's dive in shall we/ 

1. Did you have an epidural? Yes. I had them both with my son and daughter and honestly I never thought they were that bad. My IV hurt worse ha. 
2. Was the father in the room? Yes! I had a c-section with both; with Lily it was an emergency one and with Landon I just scheduled it sine I already had one. Thankfully Zach was there each time and I was so grateful.
3. Were you induced? Nope. I was almost induced with Lily but a few minutes before they were going to start I asked for an ultra sound because she had been breach previously at an appointment. Thankfully they too my word, realized she was still breach and scheduled a c-section so I didn't have to go through any of labor. #Winning
4. Did you find out the sex? Yes, I could’t wait to find out! With Lily we had a gender reveal party along with a baby shower. We received so many great gifts that would be perfect for a boy or girl and then at the end of the party we cut into a cake and found out we were having a girl! With Landon, I was so anxious I asked if we could take a blood test at 10 weeks and thankfully Zach agreed. Our sweet friends threw a little surprise for us while we were visiting them for their wedding and we opened up a container that held blue balloons! I'm pretty sure I couldn't talk I was crying and so emotional that we had a son on the way. #Hormones 

5. Due Date? Lily was supposed to be due February 15th and Landon on May 4th. 
6. Did you deliver early or late? Yup! Due to preeclampsia twice, I had Lily at 37 1/2 weeks and Landon at 38 1/2 weeks. 
7. Did you have morning sickness? Ugh yes. I had it worst with Landon which lasted almost 14-15 weeks. Lily was only about 2 months or so. 
8. What did you crave? Chocolate, Ice-Cream, Cheese and Peanut Butter with Lily. Landon was the opposite and I loved Oreos, Pickles ( like almost eating an entire jar?! WHAT! ) cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, Berry salads and ice cream. Woof! 
9. How many pounds did you gain? 55 lbs with Lily but about 20 of those pounds were from the fluid I had ( I had 3 times the amount a normal pregnancy should be ) and with Landon I gained 45 but it was ALL him. 
10. What was the sex of the baby? Girl and then a Boy 
11. Did you have complications? Yes. I had preeclampsia starting at 36 weeks with Lily. My kidney's started to fail and we had her soon after. With Landon, I was showing pre-signs of preeclampsia again, contracted a bad virus that left me throwing up continuously and awful diarrhea for 2 weeks and then after blood work, found out my liver was shutting down. Gratefully I had him at 38 weeks. 
12. Where did you give birth? Naperville, IL with Lily and Atlanta, GA with Landon. 
13. How many hours were you in labor? Less than 7 hours with both kids 
14. How much did your baby weigh?  Lily weighted 6lbs 10 oz and Landon weighed 8lbs 10oz. 
15. How old is your baby today? Lily is 3 1/2 years old and Landon is 3 weeks!
How did you celebrate Mother's Day?
Share a special Mother's Day story! 
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  1. Loved reading all your answers!! And how awesome to get that bag! You deserve it! :)


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