May 19, 2017

My Toddlers Favorite Snacks ( And Perfect for Mom's On The Go! )

 With a newborn and a toddler life doesn't seem to slow down in our household. One minute I'm running around with a screaming little one and chasing after my 3 year old who doesn't seem to be wanting to wear any shoes now that it's 80 degrees outside. Did I mention a bit chaotic?

Lily and I usually tend to work up a pretty big snack appetite when we're on the go and I've been looking for something delicious, easy and on the healthy side for her to snack on rather then other foods I see in the snack aisle. When I hard about Pure Growth Organic products, I couldn't contain my excitement. If you are like me and love knowing what your child is eating, you'll love that Pure Growth Organic snacks are organic. I'm not just saying this because it's a sponsored post, but really speaking as a Mom who finally found a great snack company and who appreciates quality products.

Knowing that my toddler adores these organic snacks helps me breathe a bit easier as I watch her gobble up some of her favorites like these Strawberry  and Chocolate Biscuits. Not your fancy? Pure Growth snacks offers a variety of products, sizes and flavors from animal crackers to popcorn, pretzels, snack mix, chips and delicious breakfast biscuits. No matter what your child loves, or how picky they are, I bet you'd find something they would love.

Why else do I love these great snacks? They are affordable, made in the US and no artificial colors, flavors, preservations, MSG and absolutely no trans-fat. I think one of the things that makes these snacks so appealing are their bright colors and my daughter's favorite Disney characters like The Lion Guard and Paw Patrol! So, if you're looking for the next best snack in your household you have to try Pure Growth Organic snacks! You, and your kids, won't be disappointed.

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