Jun 28, 2017

3 Easy Ways to Grocery Shop With A Toddler and Baby

This post is sponsored by Binxy Baby. All images, opinions and thoughts are my own. 

I've been finding out that what a simple trip to the grocery store with one child is no where as hectic as shopping with TWO children, keeping in mind one is an antsy toddler and the other is a newborn. The carseat is always so heavy to grab in and out of the car and God forbid I wake up my sleeping boy from a must needed nap just to make a 20 minute in and out run. Today I'm sharing 3 easy ways to grocery shop with a toddler and a baby!

1. Get Organized - I mean like super crazy organized! The more preared you are, the quicker you can get in and out of the store. Make sure you have a list on your phone or your hand. Sometimes I even know what aisle everything is at so I can skip searching for things I probably don't even need.   

2. Get a Binxy Baby Hammock - All I can say is thank goodness for the Binxy Baby hammockNot only is it small and easy to install, it is versatile allowing for use with your car seat, or your baby, depending on whatever you’re more comfortable with. It's easy to install ( but a two hand job for sure so make sure you put a little thought on where you want to install it ).  I also used it as a hammock for my little guy, making sure that the buckles are in a position that are safe and comfortable for him while we shop. The hammock does fit all sizes of shopping that are 20-24 inches wide so don't panic! Plus, how adorable is that fabric ( bonus that it's machine washable but don't dry it !) that holds up to 50lbs! It's super secure! 

3. Have A Friend Help - If it's easy to have someone come with you, ask your spouse or a friend to come along to keep things moving. If you can't, try to go when you know your little one may be getting sleepy so they'll fall asleep. Just make sure to bring an extra bottle or go right after they're done feeding so they won't be screaming in the check out line. Been there. 
And there you have it my friends! 3 easy ways to shop with a toddler and a baby. If you're a Mom of multiples the Binxy Baby Hammock solution to help you ease in and out of your day with a newborn and other children! Even if this is your first baby, it makes grabbing groceries so much easier with that extra room ( but leaves you to decide if you'd like to just put the car seat in the hammock as well ). Grab yours here today for your next baby shower or yourself if you're becoming new parents!

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  1. Awesome article

    Shawntel Bethea

  2. We got one of the Binxy Baby carriers for Baby #2! I'll soon be shopping with a toddler and baby as well. I think the carrier will help quite a bit with having more room in the cart!

  3. I'm totally going to get the hammock! That's a great idea! Thanks!

  4. These are all really great tips! I totally agree that being organized and going in with a plan is key! I have never seen that baby hammock before though. It looks awesome and super useful - especially with two kids!

  5. Aww what a sweet baby. This looks like a pretty cool cart system.

  6. i kinda wish i had seen this back when baby was tiny!

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