Jun 12, 2017

4 Dates To Attempt This Summer

I love that it's summer here! Although here in Atlanta we've almost had a week of rain and cooler temperatures! Brr... but I'm sure it'll kick back to the mid 90's with crazy heat here in the next few hours. The joys of living in the south I tell you. I also love when this season comes around because it means more time outdoors, more time to explore and more time to spend with family members. Speaking of family members, my husband and I have barely had any one on one time now that our newborn has been a huge part of our 24/7 routine. Add a toddler to the mix and it's a little chaotic.

We decided that this summer we were going to try and plan a few dates together to make sure were keeping our marriage first. I thought o a few of my favorite dates that we're able to do and wanted to share them with you all who are thinking of planning their first date, third date or 100th date with that special someone!

Try Something New- Zach and I always like to try something new! In fact, last week we had a date night planned to try a new restaurant we both have never been too but heard great things about ; Cowfish. Since moving to the Atlanta area, so many friends have recommended this restaurant and it was unreal! Get ready for a review coming soon!

Drive In Movie Theatre- We used to do this all the time in college! Sadly there isn't a dive in movie theatre near our house but I'm on the hunt to find one for the kids to enjoy! As much as I love going to the movies and getting to lounge in a big oversized chair, I also love the atmosphere of watching a movie outside! Who else has been to a drive in movie theatre?

Day Trip Somewhere Close - I forgot how great Atlanta is and how close we are to some other great cities other than the one 20 minutes away. We're planning a day trip to Savannah or Charleston in the near future because it's not terribly far and we can enjoy a long weekend without really being too far from home. Exploring new cities together is always fun to do! We each get to pick something we want to do and love being able to experience it together.

Create Something Delicious Together - I'm not the best cook I admit but when time permits, I do enjoy helping to cook with my husband. He's great at seasoning, especially when it comes to grilling so I'm planning on getting a few lessons from him so I'm not so freaked out if I ever wanted to grill something myself. To expand, you don't just have to crate something in the kitchen together but maybe fix something around the house or start a DIY project. We have a few things lined up to get done this summer so I can't wait to share with you all!

What are some dates you have planned this summer?

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