Jun 27, 2017

8 Outdoor Summer Activities For Toddlers

Have you had one of those “what do you want to do today? I don’t know, what do you want to do?” conversations on weekends and just ended up doing nothing. Well those are most weekends at my house; the weekends where we go out are definitely not a majority.
After those conversations, we find ourselves hanging out in the back or front yard and finding ways to entertain the little one in order to stop her from climbing on chairs, or running into the BBQ.
So here are a few simple, easy , and fun ideas for outdoor activities that your toddler might love:
  1. Inflatable Pool:
We got our inflatable pool from Costco and the motor to inflate it from Walmart and within minutes it was up and running. Make sure the water is not too cold when you fill it up. We made this mistake once and were not able to get in the pool. The one we got fits all three of us! So you can definitely lounge comfortably in there with your kids. You can add some bath toys or plastic balls; the kiddos will be entertained for hours. The only downside is that you will have to drain the water and deflate the pool every time you use it. The water and the pool get dirty if left outside for a prolonged period of time and you would have to scrub the pool later from the dirt residue. Take it from experience. Ha!
  1. Toy Sprinkler:
I found ours on amazon. I pull this one out on hot days after I get home from work since it is so easy to set up. I put it on the lawn and turn it on. It would even work on concrete since it will help wash off the floor. We play in it for a good hour. We even wash off dusty toys that were lying outside. We also pulled out a small plastic slide once near the sprinkler and my baby slid on it on repeat. The slide is more fun with water on it since it is more slippery.
  1. Water Balloons:
Water balloons are made so much easier now. You can fill a bunch of them at once and they are self-sealing! It is so much fun tossing them around and even trying to aim them into a small basket or bowl. I might have more of a kick with these then my little one.
  1. Slip and Slide:
These are really a blast. I got ours on amazon and it has two lanes and built in water outlets. It’s so easy to set up and good to entertain both my toddler and husband.
  1. Washable Finger Paint:
You can lay a bunch of flattened out boxes outside and have your kids paint as much as they want. This would be easier than painting inside since the mess can just be washed off. You can maybe use the toy sprinkler afterwards to clean up. Win-Win.
  1. Sandbox:
You really don’t have to go all out with this. We are thinking about getting a wading pool and a sand bag from Home Depot and just setting it up this way. I know some parents get an actual sand box but I found them to be expensive. I think this would be a great introduction for toddlers who have not felt or seen sand yet.
  1. Gardening and Watering:
I have not yet met a toddler who doesn’t love this. You can get gardening tools for kids, I saw some really cute once at Target. You can teach them to plant flowers or seeds. This is a great learning experience for them as well and they can do the watering work for you :D They can even pretend to mow the lawn with a toy mower.
  1. Picnic:
Why not have lunch outside on a blanket. You can also bring the toys outside or even blow some bubbles. Have them pour water from a plastic pitcher into cups; I hear it is a great learning skill for toddlers since it builds independence and coordination.
I hope these activities have inspired you to spend some fun time outside with your little ones the next time you find yourself with no plans.
How do you entertain your kids outdoor?
Mwah, Stephanie
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