Jun 20, 2017

At Home Manicures Made Easy!

Happy Tuesday friends! Today I have Emily over on my blog to share some great manicure tips that are super simple to do at home!

photo by Dennis Pederson

Even though I almost always have my nails painted, I haven't gone to the nail salon in years. Between moving to a new town, having a baby and having nail products I needed to test for work, I did my own manis a few times and then, it just became a habit. Suddenly, it's literally been more than five years since I've gotten my nails done!

So here are some of the products that make it easy for me to keep me nails painted!


1. If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: This stuff is a miracle! It sets your mani–hard–in minutes. I’m talking no sheet marks if you paint before bed, no accidental smudging if you do it during the day.
2. Dying for this shade for summer.
3. I try to give my nails a rest between manis, but with my TV schedule, that doesn't always happen. To help combat damage, I massage this into my nails and cuticles every night they're bare–and you guessed it, my nails are super healthy!
4. Again, yes, please for summer!
5. I love this as a base coat–and when I'm in a rush–it makes my nails look gorg without the time commitment and mess of a full manicure.
6. This is the best top coat on the market! It gives that gel look and helps manis last a LONG time!
7. Meet Tweexy. A fabulous little invention that makes it easy to paint your nails anywhere–no spills! No hard surface needed.
8. I get more compliments on this neon coral than any other polish color I've used.

Peace, Love and DIY Manis,


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