Jun 19, 2017

Father's Day/Landon's Baptism

Hello and happy Monday from a sleepy Mom and her family today. We are traveling back to Atlanta today so while I may be saying hello from the floor of the airport right now, I wanted to share our super fun and memorable Father's Day weekend!

We flew from Atlanta to Chicago early Wednesday morning. As a few of you saw on my Insta Stories, Landon came down with some crazy eczema on his cheeks earlier in the week so I was a little nervous about it while traveling. Our ped was fabulous and assured me that he wasn't in pain despite how awful it looked and that possibly cutting dairy out of my diet for the next few weeks could help it be less inflamed. I wouldn't be too upset except that one of my favorite Chicago staples is Lou Malnati's pizza .. aka the famous deep dish. But hey, whatever I need to do to keep my little man happy, you bet that comes first. Someone just remember to send me frozen pizza's to Atlanta whenever I'm able to eat dairy again.
We enjoyed the next few days with my family, visiting the Morton Arboretum where they had a super cute children's area for Lily to enjoy outside. The weather was in the mid 90's all afternoon so we were pretty tired afterwards. Zach and I were able to get a few minutes away and enjoy a quick pedicure and massage ( heaven you guys! ) later on and then laughing and catching up with my sister and her boyfriend when they came in later Thursday night.

Friday morning we ran a few errands and then helped my parents get ready for a little get together they were having with a lot of our old neighborhood and my childhood friends that were excited to meet Landon. It was such a fun time catching up with them and even my college roommate was able to come down for a few hours which is always a treat since she lives in California! Time with the family and friends is always needed.

Saturday morning came pretty quickly just like Friday and we got up early again to drive to Iowa for Landon's Baptism which was early Sunday. We had family picture taken at Zach's farm and I was so excited to meet my little nephew finally! The day went by quickly and we soon were all scrambling and yawning for bed by 10:30 that night.
Sunday was a whirl win as we all were dressed and ready to go for Landon's Baptism service that started at 8:30am! My parents, sister and her boyfriend Dan were so sweet to wake up at 2:30 that morning to drive the four hours to Iowa to be apart of the big day ( and make it to church on time) ! Landon actually did amazing and slept the entire time ( phew ) but his big sister per usual was the rumbustious little toddler that she is and had a hard time sitting still towards the end of mass. What can you do right? The rest of the morning and mid afternoon was spent catching up with our best friends who also drove in for the service, opening super thoughtful gifts and sadly saying goodbye to family as we drove back to Chicago that afternoon.

The last 5 days were a big one and I'm actually sad to see it end, because it means my almost 2 month vacation is finally ending and work is just around the corner. We have a quiet house again which isn't awful but I do miss the extra set of hands for my kids and myself when I need it. Hopefully these next few months will go quick so we can see everyone again soon! What a busy weekend it was!

How was your weekend?
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