Jun 16, 2017

Friday Favorites!

Good morning from Chicago! My little family of four and I flew to my hometown on Wednesday and enjoying a few days of fun with my family! Although we just saw my parents about a month ago and my sister 2 weeks ago, we opted to plan this little family getaway back to my hometown since I haven't been back in about two years! Nothing like the present ( and one of the last weeks of my maternity leave ) to venture up and see some friends and family members!

Tomorrow we are planning on traveling to Elkader, Iowa aka where Zach grew up, because not only are we excited to celebrate Father's Day but we're baptizing Landon in Zach's childhood church. We did this with Lily when she was born 3 years ago and felt it was only right to continue the tradition with her brother. We also love that it happened to fall on Father's Day so we could spend the day with our own fathers too!

It's already been a great week and I can't wait to share some of my favorites with you all this week! Grab that mug of coffee, pull up a cozy chair and let's get started friends! As always, if you have something that you're loving this week I hope you share in the comments below too!

1. Portillos - If you've ever lived in the Chicago area you know the famous ( and one of my favorite ! ) places to eat is this hot dog signature location. What's my go to on the menu you ask? I get 2 chili dogs ( yes TWO! ) a tiramisu and a fries! Calorie count? They don't count on vacation time right? The sad part is I can't make them chili cheeeese hot dogs since I'm going diary free right now for Landon. Gah!

2. Traveling With A Toddler and Newborn - If you're thinking on how earth is this a favorite ( and yes it was a crazy time traveling but more on that later ) but I'm thankful that we had an extra set of hands aka my SIL who came with. I'll be sharing how it went later on in a few weeks. It was quite the adventure.

3. HOME- I haven't actually stepped foot in my home in almost two years which is crazy to think about! I miss coming home of course and it's even more exciting bringing my little family with me at as well, especially since this is Landon's first time ;) Oh the comforts of home!

4. Silk Almond Milk - Since day 2 of being dairy free I've come to find other great fun little staples that will soon be in my daily diet. One thing I had to change was creamer in my coffee and I found Silk almond Milk to be incredibly delicious. I even found it in a caramel flavor which is yummy!

What are you enjoying this Friday? 
Share some dairy free items for me to try! 
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