Jun 10, 2017

Q and A with Hannah

Happy Saturday friends! I have my sweet Hannah sharing a fun Q and A today! Enjoy!

Q and A for Hannah Kerr

Why did you start your blog?
  1. I started my own blog because I felt called to share. Sounds odd and probably a mystery to some people on why I would put my thoughts from my journal to a screen, but we are called to share and I wanted girls to know that they are not the only girls who thinks negatively about themselves sometimes, so I am striving to share how beautiful life can be! I share everything from coffee shops, travels, fun finds, personal struggles, to ultimate triumphs. My goal was to not change the mindsets of many but of at least one person.

What’s your blog’s focus?
  1. My blog focuses on strengthening the physical and spiritual growth of our mind by focusing on my motto to live beautifully! Health and nutrition are important, loving yourself and loving who made you is even more important. I always say to love, create, inspire, share.

What goals do you have?
  1. My goal right now is to network my with other bloggers and reach even more people than my small audience I’ve have formed just over my social media followers. My dream would be to photograph more and build a bigger web audience. But, you have to start somewhere!

What is your motivation?
  1. My motivation for my blog is my readers and ultimately God’s plan for me. When it comes to eating, I know that He made me to look a certain way so I can be healthy to have kids one day! When it comes to relationships, He has people planned to pop in my life so just the thought of my future get’s me pumped to live life to the fullest!

Where do you see yourself in five years?
  1. In five years I see myself graduated, living in Nashville in my own place, working, and blogging. I hope to have travelled some and networked more!

What is an obstacle that you overcame, leading to your blog?
  1. I overcame heartbreak. Yes, sounds like a typical girl but it’s the truth. My heart yearned for someone for a while but by overcoming that I was able to strengthen my health by eating right, gaining weight and meeting new people I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to.

What’s your favorite way to sweat?
  1. My favorite way to sweat is hot yoga or by hiking outside!

What’s your greatest accomplishment?
  1. My greatest accomplishment would be moving to a college town knowing nobody, building a new life there and creating my blog based on my experiences.

What two words perfectly describe you?
  1. Emotional and Energetic are probably the best words that describe me!  

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