Jun 15, 2017

The Best Places To Shop In Store And Online!


Hello people of Cait’s Cozy Corner!! My name is Cailey and I run a fashion and beauty blog called the Moda Muse Blog! I am a merchandising, apparel, and textiles major and I am going to be a sophomore in college. I have always had a love for fashion so I started a blog to share my passion with the world! Today I am so excited to talk to y’all about my all time favorite stores to shop at. I would like to think I am pretty knowledgable on where to shop online and in stores after all of my shopping experience (not sure if this is a good or bad thing lol). I will be giving you an inside scoop on the BEST stores, so keep on reading!

Online Shopping Stores

  1. ASOS (asos.com
This online shop is AWESOME!! They have the best on-trend items from each end of the budget. My favorite thing about ASOS is that you can shop for specific occasions. Lately I have been looking under the “Vacation style” to find some awesome summer pieces. I highly recommend you check out all of the different categories on their site to find the perfect pieces for a special occasion/event! This is a great website if you are looking for anything from a staple piece to add to your wardrobe or a unique dress that no one else will have!

  1. SheIn (shein.com)
This is another one of my go-to online shops. This may be one of my favorites because it is SO AFFORDABLE!! When I say it’s affordable, I mean that you can literally find any on-trend item for under $20. Although their products are made in China and some people get sketched out about that, I think it is so worth the risk! Every piece that I have received from them looks exactly like the picture. You can also see reviews on many of their items, and if you're lucky even a picture of what the piece looks like! If you are a bit nervous to purchase something, just pay the few dollars for “insurance” on your purchase. This means that they will send you a return slip to send any pieces that didn’t work out back. Another tip is to get the items that say “priority dispatching” if you can! This means that they will ship out faster than the rest (I mean, who doesn’t want that??). Seriously, once you are done reading this post go check this site out! I recently purchased 11 items for $170, which is a steal.  

  1. Nordstrom (shop.nordstrom.com)
This one may be a no brainer (since everyone knows and loves this), but Nordstrom is the bomb.com! It is the best place to online shop. You can find anything and everything on this site. For me, I don’t enjoy shopping inside a Nordstrom store (unless it is the shoe section). There is just too much to look at and not enough time! Once you go online it is so much easier to navigate and find what you are looking for. When it comes to special events, Nordstrom is the place to look! They have such wide selection of products. From high-end brands like Gucci, Kate Spade, and more you can find such stunning pieces. Nordstrom will forever be a go-to online store for me!

In-Store Shopping

  1. Anthropologie
I may be a bit biased since I work here, but DANG! Anthropologie will alway be one of my favorite stores to shop at in-person. I have never been one to shop on the website because when it comes to their pieces, I would much rather try them on right away. Not only that, but the store also is always smelling amazing, the people are so kind and helpful, and it an overall great environment to shop in. There is always an Anthropologie in practically every city I go to when I travel, which makes it so easy to shop in-person. I highly recommend stopping in a store near you. They have the best basic pieces, but also some fun and unique pieces (can usually find some on sale)!

  1. Macy’s (Free People section)
Alright I am going to be honest with y’all. I am not a big fan of Macy’s anymore. When I go in Macy’s, at least the one where I live, it is always so unorganized and I can never find anything. I am still going to talk about it and put it on my favorites list for only one reason. Free People. That is all I have to say! Their Free People selection is always “on-point” and usually has some pretty good deals. I have rarely purchased any pieces from an actual Free People store because I can always find Free People products way cheaper at Macy’s. If you are a fan of Free People or the whole “boho” look then go check out the section in Macy’s! You can thank me  later.

  1. Nordstrom Rack
You guys may be thinking why I listed this as one of my in-store favorites when Nordstrom is one of my online favorites, but trust me they are so different! If you have been inside a Nordstrom Rack store you know that it is like the holy grail of stores. You can find Kate Spade, Tory Burch, Free People, and many more brands for an awesome deal. I am always finding myself here when I am on the hunt for some shoes. They have insanely good prices on shoes, in my opinion. I have purchased many shoes from Nordstrom Rack and some accessories here and there, but they also have awesome clothing pieces if you go in on a good day! The other week I went in and came out with two of the cutest dresses ever. I got an awesome Free People dress that is still currently being sold at full price, but I paid for way less. I also found an awesome maxi dress that is going to be my go-to summer outfit when I can't seem to find something to wear. You should go check out a Nordstrom Rack if you have one near you, because it is so worth it if you find something!

I hope you guys found some new stores to shop at after reading this post!! I loved being able to share some of my favorites with you! Check out Cait’s post on my blog at themodamuseblog.com !! Hope you lovelies have a great day!



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