Jun 26, 2017

The Purse Emergency Kit

Hi Guys! Happy Monday. It’s Sivan (See-Vahn) from The Olive Brunette.
First of all, a huge thank you to Cait allowing me to guest post on the blog. I love sharing tips I've learned along the way with all of you. 
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I have been raving about these to my friends for days now! They are the most handy things in the world and have saved my tush numerous times. I bought this purse emergency kit thing from Henri Bendel ages ago while on a trip to New York and have continued to replenish it ever since. I whip this thing out all the time and not only save my ass while I am out, but my friends asses too.

If you are super confused and have no idea what I am talking about…this emergency kit has everything from deodorant wipes to clear nail polish. It’s seriously amazing. If you have a purse, I honestly recommend investing in one of these and adding it to your collection of crap that weighs your purse down.
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Have a headache? Bamm…I’ve got Advil. Your dress ripped? Don't you worry…I have a sewing kit. Super hot and need to put your hair in a ponytail? An elastic is ready for you.

You can purchase these from Sephora, Target, Walmart, Amazon, ETSY…the list goes on. BUTTTT instead of spending money on buying some ready made emergency kits, why not make your own with things you always use & need?!?!

Emergency Kit Ideas
Safety Pins
Bobby Pins
Clear Elastic
Pain Reliever 
Stain Remover
Breath Freshener
Double-sided tape
Dental Floss
Sewing kit
Nail polish remover
Deodorant towelette
Lip Balm
Hair Spray

I love being prepared and I LOVE being the friend that has everything to save the day. You will never have to worry about leaving the house because you have EVERYTHING in your purse.
You’re welcome.

Do you use one of these? If so, what’s in your purse emergency kit?
The Olive Brunette

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