Jun 6, 2017

Weekend With My In Laws

Happy Tuesday everyone! This weekend flew by as we had Zach's parents come in on Friday night to spend the next 9 days with us! As our last company before I head back to work after my maternity leave is over, we were so excited to have them for extra hands ( and eyes on our toddler ! ). I've got a few things/errands to get done while they are here so I can't wait to do that plus a few date night's planned with a certain man in my life.\

This past weekend we were super busy! My in-laws always love helping us around the house and I, of course, love the time to have a few hours to get a nap in. Believe me, an extra 2 hour nap is golden when you're typical on about 4 on a daily basis. Mom's of newborns you get it right?! I can't believe how good I felt after getting a solid nap in the other day while they ventured out to the Aquarium together. Peace and quiet is my sanctuary.

Zach and his Dad wanted to get our garage sealed so that spent the majority of the day Saturday and Sunday working on that. We had previously taken everything out last week and what a chore that was. I clearly didn't realize how much stuff we accumulated in our garage so it felt good to get it out, figure out what we wanted to keep and could throw away and then organize how we wanted it to look after it was all said and done. #MomLife
We celebrated my mother- in-law's belated birthday Saturday night with a huge feast including the majority of everyone's favorite seafood; lobster! Thanks to the majority of my family living on the east coast, it's always been a treat to enjoy fresh lobster and Zach impressed us all by sharing how to properly dissect and devour his lobster ( thanks to a few years of practice by my Mom ). We were full and happy going to bed that night.

Sadly the weather wasn't all gorgeous either so we spent the most of our time indoors which meant lots of movie watching, snuggles and puzzles. My kind of weekend if you ask me! I still can't believe I have about three weeks left of this before going back to work. Why does 8 weeks go by so fast?! The weather did clear up for a few hours yesterday so we enjoyed playing some bags outside in the backyard, a few Moscow mules and sunshine.

This morning they are all traveling downtown to visit the Atlanta Aquarium while I stay back at home and hang out with this cute boy and finish up some work around the house.  Another rainy day here but I don't mind thanks to binge watching The Good Wife on Hulu. Has anyone else watched it and why did it take me so long to jump on that bandwagon? Do you have any other great shows to watch!?

Tell me what you did this weekend! 
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