Jul 6, 2017

5 Year Anniversary And What I've Learned

Happy Thursday everyone! Today really isn't just another Thursday for my little family but a sweet reminder of one of the best day I've ever had! Why is that? It's my wedding day...well 5 years ago that is! FIVE YEARS! How is that possible?!

When I met Zach in college ( 10 years ago this fall ! YIKES ) we had both been dating other people at the time and really started a friendship before diving into dating. Once we both had been single again, we just sort of gravitated towards one another and soon he asked me to dinner and we had talked that night as if we had been friends for years ( and never looked back ) :) Four years later he proposed when we were in Jamaica for his sister's wedding and then a year later we were married.

Now looking back at those five years of marriage- we've been through so much ( but I know everyone says that ) so I wanted to share some advice on what I've learned through the last 5 years.

1. Keep Dating - This may sound ridiculous to some but to keep our spark alive, we keep dating one another. Not fancy dinners to wine and dine or purchase fancy gifts but little things like picking up dinner when one of us had a long day at work, getting a movie to snuggle and watch on the couch or planning a fun family outing together. These things mean the world to us and just being together is key.

2. Have Your Space - Contrary to spending time together, know when it's important to give the other person space. I need a lot more " me time " to feel recharged or if I become frustrated where Zach hates being by himself. Be aware of when that person needs their time alone or together (( or just continue to hide in the closet with your twizzlers so your kids don't hear you -- just me?? )).

3. Communicate - If there is one thing we do well at - it's talking about how we feel. We really learned how to do this when we had to take a marriage counseling class before we got married and we still say it was one of the best thing's we've done as a couple. Of course we have our hard times, our arguments and what not but we also know that we need to talk it out and how to listen to the other person as well.

4. Slow Down- I'm one to always go go and keep going where Zach is much more laid back of taking time to enjoy everything. I need to be more present in the moment instead of always on my phone or writing up collaborations or contracts. Work can wait. Life can't.

5. Moving Is Hard - We've moved 4 times in the last 5 years and each time it can take a toll on leaving friends and family- stressful that things get lost or precious items get broken. Each move has been exciting but we're looking forward to really making Atlanta our home permanently. What's not to love down here ya know?

What have you learned in your marriage? 

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  1. I love this post so much, especially the parts about moving.
    My fiance and I get married and May and I love reading posts on people reflecting on their first five years. So much to learn and look forward too (including lots of moves for us #ArmyLife).



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