Jul 21, 2017

Celebrating Cord Blood Awareness

When Zach and I found out we were pregnant with our first child four years ago, we did a lot of research! How long do babies eat for? How many ounces do they eat at a time? What type of diapers are the best on the market? How can we make sure our baby sleeps through the night? We became so wrapped up in how to make sure our little one was going to be healthy, happy and feel secure as we ventured into parenthood.

One of the best decisions we did make both with Lily and our now 11 week old son Landon was preserving their stem cells when they were newborns. Why is this so important? It can help give your child the ability to use his or her own cells for potential future applications. If you choose family banking, it helps to preserve your own baby's cells giving them access to their own cells for potential next generation medical treatments if needed. It also has amazing possibilities to help in the treatment of various cancers, blood, immune and metabolic disorders. Both family and public banks help preserve the amazing possibilities to help in many treatments.

There are a few ways for patients to get stem cells, like from the umbilical cord  or bone marrow, but cord blood is easier to match with a patient, and, because it's gathered after birth from the umbilical cord, it's a painless procedure!

While many cord blood banks can be costly when you choose a private bank, we decided to donate to the public bank because it was free. It was something that we felt was important.  When we were going through the process at my delivery for both children, the nurses helped to answer all our questions and concerns when being asked to store/donate their cord blood. I always felt assured and never pressured that we were doing the right thing for everyone when choosing this route. July is Cord Blood awareness so how are you sharing this with your friends and family members?
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  1. I remember first hearing about cord blood banking with my second child, and have heard great things about cord blood banking since then. So wish I had done the same with my children ❤️


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