Jul 28, 2017

Friday Favorites

We made it to another Friday friends! Insert a huge big smiley face from this girl. Why is that-- well I'm about to share some fun Friday favorites with you all of course, and also that my husband is back home from his guy's trip. I seriously don't realize how much he helps around the house until he's not there and I'm left trying to cook dinner, console a hungry newborn and keep my toddler as active as possible until it's time to eat. It's a hot mess for sure!

But let's get to some things I'm loving this week shall we?! As always feel free to share what you're enjoying too in the comments below because I love hearing about them!

1. Birthday Weekend - I know I probably say this every year but my birthday comes way to quick! Last year I was hesitant because I was turning 30 but it was such a memorable moment that my husband had planned for about 4 months. Turning 31 tomorrow morning, I'm actually excited for it. Follow me on Insta Stories and Snapchat to find out where I'm going!

2. Positano - Last September my family and I traveled to Germany and Austria for Oktoberfest. Let me tell you how great it was going to a huge beer fest and NOT being able to drink due to being 8 weeks pregnant ha. Perhaps I'll write a blog post about what you can do sober during that time ( Interested? )! Anyways, we decided that next summer, the 6 of us booked a week's stay in Positnao and an adorable villa! I've been to Italy twice ( the Southern part like Rome and Sicily for college and then the Northern region like Tuscany and Florence 6 years ago ) but I've never been to the Amalfi Coast before! Suggestions on what to do for those that have been?!

3. Physical Therapy- I've been working on my upper abs due to being diagnosed with Distastes Recti 3 months ago. Basically it means the splitting of the abs and because my lower ones were sewed during my second c-section, my upper ones were never able to come back together on their own. I've been in PT for about a month now and while I'm loving going and getting new ideas to help strengthen my core muscles, the results are slow. I'm ok with that ! I've also been able to get a few work out's at the gym during work which is a great break as well. I'm hesitant to try Orange Theory only because of my condition right now but so many of you have shared your stories about how much it's changed/shaped you! Decisions Decision.

4. Zoe's Kitchen - I had never heard of this amazing little restaurant until a few months of moving to Atlanta about two years ago. It's incredible! I love ordering from their diverse Mediterranean menu and the flavors are all so crisp and refreshing! One of my favorite things to order is there lamb kafta, rosemary white beans and creating my own bowl of cauliflower rice, salmon and harissa sauce. You guys-- it's soooooo good. Like eat three times a week good! Have you tried it?

5. HiMirror- I'll be explaining more about this incredible beauty mirror I won from Laura's Giveaway a few weeks ago ( no joke I screamed when I received the e-mail ha ) and I can't wait to go into more detail about this little beauty if you haven't heard about it. Basically it's a smart mirror that photographs your skin, asses it's conditions and makes recommendations based on that. Stay tuned for my review next week! 

What are you enjoying or loving this week? 
Tell me what you're up to this weekend!
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  1. Happy early birthday!! I'm going to Italy this September and cannot WAIT. Rome, Cinque Terre, and Bologna. :)


  2. Happy early Birthday! I also had a birthday in July but I don't think you are a "Cancer" sign if it's past the 23rd of July. Birthdays seem arrive even earlier when you reach 30. lol.


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