Jul 24, 2017

I Survived 5 Days Without My Husband

Phew! You guys, the last 5 days without my husband was tough. I have so many props and glasses of wine to give to those who do this on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis of watching your kids day in and day out solo. No really. Although I did work 3 out of the 5 days, having a toddler and a newborn to feed, change, bathe and attempt the crazy meltdowns is rough. ROUGH! How do you all who do that manage?!

Let's just say there was a lot of bribing involved with my toddler. She's such a great helper but she's also pretty smart knowing that the majority of my attention does have to be with her 3 month old brother ( TODAY! ) I'm already in denial that he's 3 months already. Didn't I just have him? As crazy as the last few days have been, I admit that I did love the one on one time with the kids. It's something I've really been taking advantage of the last few weeks being back at work full time.

While Landon would take a few hours to nap, Lily and I would have our girl time baking brownies, playing barbies, coloring thousands of pages and just enjoying the time she deserves from me. I have to keep doing that for her sake and mine. We also snuggled up when it rained Saturday afternoon and our pool plans were canceled. As much as she has her moments and I do too, those quiet times together are what keep me going.  I also was able to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and read Real Simple for a few minutes-- it's the little things. You understand that right friends?

So we picked up our main guy from the airpot yesterday afternoon after he enjoyed his 5 days trip with his college guys. ( Hey girlfriends in college- we need to plan one too! ) We headed to our neighborhood BBQ and then came home to plop on the couch with a bowl of ice cream and watching Game of Thrones together! He then of course promised me a great birthday dinner coming up this Saturday. I'm already in denial that I'll be 31 in 6 days ! But, in honor of my birthday I am holding a fun Giveaway on my Instagram so stay tuned!

What were your weekend plans? 
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  1. You're a rockstar for powering through that! I know I wouldn't be able to handle that.

  2. I couldn't do it without my mom, so going 5 days on your own taking care of two is tough, I have so much respect for you :)

  3. Hope you get to plan something with your friends soon, too! I'm sure you did great without him, even though I know it was tough!

  4. Nice job! I'm glad you got through it.

  5. You powered through and that's the best part! You're super mom! I'm sure you're very glad to have the hubby home to help you now, though.

    xo, Kimberly


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