Jul 17, 2017

Weekend Updates

Hello and happy Monday friends! What a fun and nice weekend we had! It wasn't anything fancy which is kind of how I love weekends to be, especially in the summer time. So what fun things did we do this weekend you're wondering?
We finally ventured out to our town's little Farmer's Market. They've had it open since May but because I had Landon at the end of April, we waited a little while before heading out. It was sooooo humid out early Saturday morning that I had to strip poor Landon out of his jammies and just have him wear a diaper while we browsed. Lily was able to entice us to let her get a balloon hat. Did you guys know how much I hate balloons? I was about to have an anxiety attack in the car. I know-- it's ridiculous to some but I just can't stand them!

We ended up all taking a long nap Saturday afternoon after the heat and a good lunch. Afterwards, we played outside while Zach made flat bread with chicken, peppers and a delicious cucumber spread we purchased at the market. It was a great evening. I must have been more tired than I thought because I ended up falling asleep while putting Lily to bed and then walked to our bedroom an hour later still tired ha.
Yesterday morning was enjoyable and a bit lazy as well. We did our usual errands of laundry and cleaning and I took Lily with me to get groceries for the week. It was nice to go out just us girls while the boys stayed home and made us pancakes for breakfast! Lily, per usual, out ate the two of us with three HUGE pancakes and lots of whip cream. That girl baffles me sometimes with her appetite!

Afterwards we again ventured outside as the weather was a lot cooler than Saturday, played with chalk, took a walk and then Lily, Landon and Zach took a nap while I got some work done around the house. When everyone was up again after a few hours, I began whipping up a new favorite recipe that a girlfriend of mine had brought over a few weeks after I had Landon. It was so delicious I ended up finding the recipe and making it again! You have to try it and it's super easy too!

Our family has a super big week ahead so stay tuned as I have some fun guest bloggers coming up on my blog and some other announcements! What did you do this weekend?
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