Aug 14, 2017

24 Hours In Chicago

As some of you may have saw on Snapchat and Insta Stories I shared last Friday I was going somewhere fun for the weekend. Well, I was actually really going to my hometown, Chicago, for about 24 hours! I know- crazy right?

It all started a few months ago when my parents, who still live near the city, asked me what I wanted for my 31st birthday ( cue sad face being in my 30's now ha ) and I was half joking half being serious that I wanted to go home to see the Backstreet Boys and Florida Georgia Line in concert at Wrigley Field. A few hours later I received a text message from my parents saying they were going to book me a flight and a concert ticket to come up and visit for the weekend! AND they were going to be coming + my younger sister. You guys... I was floored!

The funny thing is, anytime I have seen BSB I was with my family. They were one of my first concerts that we went to as a family when I was in 7th grade. Then again we saw them when they came to Chicago when I was pregnant with Lily three and a half years ago, and now when I'm 31. Do you ever just love a band so much that it's so fun to still have them touring over the years of your life? That's this band ha. No shame in my 90's affair ;)

I flew in Saturday morning where my sister Morgan picked me up from the airport. One thing about my sister and I is that we were close when were little, grew apart when I went to high school and reconnected our sister-mance when we traveled to Europe for a month. We even have matching tattoos now. Anyways- it was super exciting to see her and we headed to her new apartment that I am obsessed wit as you saw on my Insta Stories. Her view of the Sears Tower ( also known at the Willis Tower now but I can never not call it that ) is incredible.

I was able to grab lunch with two of my favorite girlfriends from Iowa who also were in town for the concert. I walked around Chicago afterwards just taking in the city and reminding of all the great times I've had down there. I don't think I really appreciated it until I moved away. Morgan and I grabbed a quick dinner near her apartment and then took the L to Wrigley where we met our parents and ended up dancing, screaming ( a few excited and happy tears may have been shed ) and laughing during the huge line up of Chris Lane, Nelly, Backstreet Boys and Florida Georgia Line. I didn't realize that we were the last stop on their tour for the summer and they certainly went out with a bang to end their tour!

I had meant to upload all my awesome snaps of the concert back at my sister's place for you all to view because at Wrigley my service was awful with the thousands of people that were there but something happened and I lost them all. I was so sad! Maybe it's better you didn't see my crazy dance skills or hear me singing and screaming at the top of my lungs to one of my favorite boy bands of my childhood huh? Although I did get a few up on InstaStories ;) The night of course went too fast and before I knew we were heading back to my sister's apartment and slept a few hours before waking up, making a quick brunch and I was off on an airplane back home.

Why doe weekends go so fast friends?! Although I had a great time with my family members, I do love being home with my little family as well, especially enjoying a bowl of ice cream with Zach and freaking out watching GOT. Who watched!?!?!? Happy Monday friends!
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  1. LOVE Chicago! I went for the first time in January, and I'm heading back in a couple of weeks for work! I'm looking forward to exploring a little more.


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