Aug 9, 2017

Fall look - Daytime to evening wear transition

Hi Friends! Today I have my sweet friend Saadiya sharing some great fall looks to wear! I love that you can transition several of these pieces from day to night!

Fall is my favorite seasons. Bare trees, leaves changing color, all of it. Fall is like a new beginning for everyone. If you’re in school, you get a fresh start to the school year. And if you’re working then you probably come back from vacation feeling refreshed and well rested. No matter what age you are, when you see a pile of leaves, you jump in! Because that’s what Fall makes you want to do. Coming out of summer, we are all planning our Halloween costumes and Thanksgiving dinner menu, and looking forward to everything pumpkin flavored. There are so many more reasons to celebrate Fall. I can go on with the list. One thing I enjoy in fall is my wardrobe. Fall is the perfect time to mix and match all of my outfit pieces. I like to plan my outfits in a way that I can easily transition with a few changes from day to evening. Here’s an outfit I styled two ways. Outfit one is a fun day style – perfect for brunch, or a picnic lunch with family. While Outfit two is great for an evening party or dinner.
Outfit one.
High-waist blue jeans from GAP
A white lace top from H&M
Printed crochet-trim high-low kimono from Macys (American Rag)
Heels from Tory Burch
This outfit is perfect for any day-time event. It’s flowy. The color palette is soothing to the eyes, doesn’t attract lot of heat, and the pop of color from the shoes is perfect. Floral print and kimono styles are always a hit. The flair in this kimono is so perfect for the daytime and simply adds up ’spice’ to the look. I would recommend having something patterned like this kimono in your wardrobe because it is easy to style with a with basic tees and pair of jeans or tights and you can transition into an evening look very easily by just changing a couple of things up.

Outfit two:
High-waist blue jeans from GAP
A white lace top from H&M
Black blazer from Charlotte Russe
Heels from Tory Burch
Statement necklace
If you take away the two main parts of this outfit, i.e. the blazer and the necklace, this outfit is very basic. Blazers can change the look of an outfit significantly. Blazers are fun, classy, and edgy all in one. When you walk into the room in a blazer with some jeans, your outfit is telling the crowd that you’re responsible, and fun at the same time. The statement necklace does exactly what the name says. This statement necklace is tucked under the blazer a bit and catches the eyes just enough to be appealing. Make a statement at a dinner, party, or a date night with something fun and bold like this. Another tip to dress up for the evening is to add some higher heels and a cute clutch.

Well, there you have it! These are my two fall looks that I can easy transition from day to evening. Please make your way onto my blog and social media and let me know what your favorite fall looks are and how you transition a fun daytime look into a perfect evening attire.

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