Aug 18, 2017

Five on Friday

Happy Friday friends! As you know last weekend was a huge whirlwind for the past 24 hours when I traveled to Chicago and I wish I could say this was going to be a low key one ( my plans weren't huge until a few days ago ) but then I have so many things that occurred at once! Not that I'm complaining- you all know I love to be super busy! I'm going to a friend's work Bowling Charity event tomorrow afternoon ( hey freeee food and drinks! ) and then a much needed pampering for this Mom on Sunday including a facial and blow dry! Score! I'll be sharing more about all of it next week so stay tuned!

Ugh you guys what a week it's been. Especially with #breastfeeding. Sunday I had the worst clogged milk duct ( TMI? ) so I had to catch an earlier flight back home. Monday night my pump broke so I was scrambling on what to do (thank you Melissa for lending me yours!) and then yesterday I forgot part of the new pump's cord to plug it in so I had to hand express all day at work. Ya'll it was ROUGH and I almost gave up all together thinking it was a sign that I should just be done. Well, I'm still at it today and just taking it day by day. I'd like to get up to 6 months if I can ( we're at 3 1/2 right now ) so we'll see. You understand right? and hey, sorry if you're a guy and you don't get this part ha.

Alright so let's get to the real reason why you're here. Five on Friday! It's where I share some of my favorite finds and things of the week with you all. As always, I'd love to hear what you're enjoying too in the comments below!

1. Godiva - You all know I'm a choc-a-holic. I swear it's in my blood for this awful sweet tooth. Anyways, I was sent this adorable gift bundle the other day and I had to almost restrain myself to get a picture first before I dove into the dark chocolate pieces. Thanks Godiva for such yummy goodies.

2. Milestones - We're already reaching that point where it's a big milestone. Okay well to me it is. Zach and I have been having a debate on when to move Landon from our move to his own room and we compromised on starting tonight. I remember going through this with Lily and ( no joke ) sleeping by her crib when we moved her. I'm already planning on possibly doing that with this little guy tonight. Am I crazy? Why are we already at this point?! Suggestions Moms?

3. Mediate- With work being stressful and lots of other behind the scenes of the blog, I've been trying really hard to take a step back and do some fun breathing exercises a friend shared with me. I've never been one to mediate but it's really helped me relax and end my day on the right foot.

4. Girl Time - Like I mentioned above of the weekend plans, I'm super excited for a bit of pampering and much needed girl time with some of best girlfriends! Of course I love my family dearly but enjoying that time by ourselves is always needed too!

5. Organizing- I'm so excited to get some organization done this with my girl Tyler coming over tonight! We're going to be going through all the rooms in my house ( lord help me ) and figuring out which one I should focus on sharing with you on the blog to clean out and start fresh. I'm always up for getting things organized and a bit more functional in our home so this will be perfect!

What are your weekend plans friends? Anything fun going on in your town? Let me know! 

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