Aug 28, 2017

Growing with Dock A Tot

** This post is sponsored by Dock A Tot. All opinions and pictures are my mine alone.**
When I became a Mother 3 1/2 years ago to a darling little girl, I thought I knew all the tricks of the trade. Sure enough after having our second child 4 months ago, I realized there were so many more things that had come up for newborns, infants and growing children then when I thought!

You've heard me share my love of the Dock A Tot and why everyone parent needs one ( as well as some great reviews by you all too! ) and we couldn't have loved it anymore for the first few months after we had brought Landon home from the hospital. It seemed to be the only place he truly felt secure, safe and snuggled. Of course, our son is pretty big for his age ( he's in the 80th percentile for his weight, height and 97th for his head circumference ) so we knew that we'd probably need to upgrade him from the Dock A Tot Delux to the Dock A Tot Grand in only a short few months.

The difference between the two is really just their size, but it's recommended to use the Delux version up until they are 9 months and then use the Grand 9 months- 36 months ( roughly 22- 40lbs ). Well wouldn't you know our little man is nearly the 20lb mark are only 4 1/2 months! Hey, this kid likes to eat a lot ha so I wanted him to still feel secure when he took his morning and afternoon naps. Thank goodness for this little miracle worker to help him get the rest he needs to keep growing as well as for me to not worry so much about him started to roll around!

I decided to get a white color this time rather than the printed Mod Pod  I had picked earlier, just for a more crisper look but I just can't get enough of all the fun patterns to choose from too! I love that it's tested for breath ability, is 100% natural cotton and OEK-TEX certified. It really is the ideal micro-climate for babies and the grand is perfect for when Landon continues to get older and transitions from this to a toddler bed! What more could a Mom of two ask for?!

Does your little one use a Dock a Tot?

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  1. This is one of the things I have on my wishlist for baby number 2 that's due in February! There are so many great new products that have come out since I had Ava 2 years ago!

  2. I wish I had this when the twins arrived. It would have made life easier for me. I think it's definitely a must have for new parents.


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