Aug 24, 2017

Landon 4 Month Update

Wasn't I just posting abut my little guy being here a few months ago?! How has it been 4 months since this man came into our lives. I say it all the time but it really does fly by! This month has been quiet the milestones for our sweet boy so I thought I'd share a quick update for those asking how it's been going!

Eating- He still loves to eat and I'm still loving that I'm able to keep my nursing supply up even with being back at work! Landon still wants to eat during the night ( usually about 1am or 2am ) and I know so many of you told me I need to drop it so he can sleep but I can't help but just melt when he looks at me coos with a big smile when he see me walking into his room after a huge hangry meltdown. I just up my coffee IV in the morning ;) But in all seriousness, I'm so happy he's growing and doing awesome. No nipple confusion at all but I may increase his bottle to about 5-6 oz now that he doesn't spit up as much. Thoughts or advice? 

Sleeping -He still enjoys his cat naps in the morning although our amazing sitter is allowing him to sleep in his crib instead of the MamaRoo. While he loves swinging and the movement of going back and forth, I really think he loves white noise to help him stay asleep. We were given a sweet little lamb stuffed animal that actually plays a heart beat which helps Landon get nice and cozy as if he was still snoozing in my stomach. It's the sweetest. A few of you mentioned adding rice cereal to his bottle to keep him full longer and while I appreciate all the advice, I'm just personally not ready to do that yet. Although- catch me at 3am and I might differ that answer. I'll keep you posted on it.  

Milestones - Landon is still such a curious little guy! He really is focusing on watching your mouth movement like last month and trying so hard to form his own words. He clearly knows what he's saying because as some of you saw in a few of my Snapchats an Insta Stories, he gets really intense and serious when he's babbling ha! He's been doing great with Tummy Time as seen from the picture above! For a kid that has a huge noggin ( literally in the 97% percentile! ) he holds it up pretty well! #BrainPower. We also moved him to his crib last weekend and while it was pretty rough emotionally on me, I think he's enjoying the space he has rather than being stuck in his Rock and Play. 

Loves: Landon is such a conversationalist. He just wants to be around people and listen to them talk all day long. He's also into being held at all possible moments of the day. If you put him down for more than a few minutes, he begins to whine and look around for someone to talk with. We may have a future lawyer on our hands! He also loves being outside, going on walks, observing his sister and yet again, eating! 

Hates: Hiccups are still his least favorite thing. The poor kid I think just gets nervous with those little twitches. I'd attempt to scare him but I doubt that would go well! He also hates getting his diaper changes ha! This little wiggle worm that we have now just fights me to try and put one back on after I've changed him. I'm sure he'd go naked if we let him. What in the world! Other then that- there isn't much he really doesn't enjoy at the moment! 

I'm still stunned that we've already reaching 4 months with our guy! He's changed so much over the last 4 weeks and I'm still has much more changes coming our way! Thankfully this month will be a big one because we're traveling to visit family at the Outer Banks in a few weeks so he'll get some one on one time with his cousins, Aunts and Uncles for the first time. It'll be a blast! Happy Thursday friends! 

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