Aug 2, 2017

Let's Talk About ThredUP

Happy Tuesday friends! Today I have my awesome friendLauren to share about one our favorite companies, ThredUp! It's seriously such a great brand to find just the perfect items all for a great price! Take it away Lauren! 

Let me introduce you to one of my favorite companies! ThredUp is an online used clothing boutique and has quite a few special features that I am pumped to share. I tend to keep my clothes for way longer than I should and have a hard time getting rid of items. I've been the same size since practically middle school so it's difficult for me to justify throwing out clothing that still fits me even it is so far out of style, because hey, you never know when that trend will pop right back up! I usually donate to a local thrift store, and have attempted to sell back to other places with little success as I usually don't have any "juniors" type items or extremely high end pieces. Closet swapping with friends is another go to, but there are always items left over from that as well. In comes ThredUp and I am so glad I found them!
It's really quite a simple process. Head over to the site and sign up, and get a bag sent to you. Right now the shipping fee is even waived on this so it's completely free to do so! Fill your bag with gently used high quality items, and mail off (they pay for the postage on this as well!). Then wait and see just how many of their goodies they take!
The bag came in this tiny little package complete with all the instructions you need. So I filled it up, stopped by a FedEx store on my lunch break, and all was complete! 
They email you when they receive your bag, and then again when the contents have been processed letting you know which items they were able to take, and how much your payout will be. You can go ahead and shop on their site right then, or wait 14 days to cash out and receive the amount via paypal. Also, when you order your bag, they give you two options on what occurs with the items they don't choose. You can pay a fee and have those items sent back to you, or you can choose for them to donate those items for you. They even have a partnership where they donate to Teach For America, which several of our friends have been a part of over the years. Talk about a win-win situation!
The best part about shopping on their site is that you can filter by size, color, store, price range, and even make your own "store" using your favorites. This way you're only looking at items that will fit you and you don't get your hopes up on an item only to see the wrong number next to the specifications.  Also, the items are all tagged, checked, and extremely discounted in price - made quite evident when they show you just how much you saved off of retail price (see below) and that's just on the price of the items, not to mention the credit you have if you sold items, and the $10 you can get from joining in with this link.
The package the items comes in is equally as adorable as the items within, and I was beyond excited to have it waiting at home for me with my new (to me) items nestle within.  
What are you waiting for? Try it out now! Here's $10 to use 
How do you save money shopping for fashion items?

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