Aug 21, 2017

My Salon Suites Experience

Yesterday was one of those pinch me moments. One where, as a Mom, you wish you could experience every week, but usually it's about every few years. I was asked to check out My Salon Suites Cumberland yesterday morning to a fresh blow out and facial. The idea behind these salon suites offering private studios for businesses specializing in beauty care like nail, hair or facials. I was able to visit two different suites; Studio Queen Bee and Jiffy Dry Bar.

When I arrived early before 9am, I was greeted by one of the owners, Angie, who was so gracious and welcoming when I came in. She walked me through the various studios to Ivante's Studio Queen Bee suite where she had the room so comfortable, warm and plush! ( I mean look at that robe and blanket! )! I first got a body scrub that was heavnly! The scrub was a great exfoliations on my skin, especially on my elbows and behind my knees where so much dirt can be hidden! It felt extremely smooth and almost glowing afterwards as I slipped into my own little silk body suite!

The best part was her incredible facial. Like I said in my Insta Stories, I had only received one other facial about 20 years ago ( awful I know ) so I was extremely overdue! We did a Microdermabrasion facial which is using a machine to gently sand your  skin to remove the thicker outer layer. Because of my scars, sun damage and stretch marks it was perfect to help tighten my skin and improve my age spots. My skin has never looked or felt smoother, softer and brighter after!

After my hour and a half appointment, I walked down the hall and met Loyta of Jiffy Dry Bar who was so sweet and adorable in giving me natural fun waves with my hair! We had such a fun time talking about our kids and laughing about our days as Moms. She did a fabulous job and I walked out feeling gorgeous and finally put together again!

After all was finished, I finally looked at my phone and realized I had been gone for 5 hours! I couldn't believe it- not because it had taken so long but because for the first time in a long time I was in the moment with the personal attention I was getting from such great beauty experts as well as taking the time for myself to enjoy it! Poor Zach was worried because I'm never without my phone for more than 5 minutes so because I had messaged him in a few hours he thought I was in trouble! Opps! The point is we need to take time for ourselves because we deserve it! Truly friends! It does wonders for the soul, for the mind and most of all, for you! I'll be going back as often as I can get a babysitter ( or bribe Zach ha ) because it's so worth it!

A huge shoutout to My Salon Suites for such an incredible experience as well as two fabulous who made me feel wonderful! Take a look at all the other salons in this suite ( they have other locations too ) to find your favorites!
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  1. Yes, you need to take that time to pamper yourself. I do it every year on my birthday where I do a half day spa package. I love it! :)


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