Aug 7, 2017

The Smartest Mirror You Need Right Now!

I shared with you all last week how I was so excited to have won the HiMirror Plus from Laura's Giveaway. So many bloggers had shared this incredible mirror and I was crossing my fingers and toes that I would get picked and it came true ( I swear this never happens EVER so I screamed when I received the e-mail ha ). So- if you haven't heard of HiMirror Plus let me explain!

HiMirror Plus is really changing what you see and think about mirrors. WIth new technology to make them work harder and smart for us all, they really are the coolest smart mirror out there! HiMirror is the world's first smart beauty mirror that can help you analyze your skin, track your skin care routine to see how well its working and assess your skin's condition including wrinkles, fine lines, complexion, dark spots, red spots and pores! 

So how does it work you're asking? It's actually a 2-in-1 mirror meaning that a beauty consultant comes with an HD camera to take high quality pictures of your face. It then uses that image to detect any concerns you might be having. Depending on your results, the smart beauty mirror will suggest skincare products to help improve the appearance of your skin. What I really love about it as well is that you can actually add the beauty products that you're already using into the system through My Beauty Box feature and the mirror can create a beauty routine based on them! 

After your HiMirror Plus records all this information ( I do mine every day ) it helps you keep track of your progress. Let's say I want to start a new moisturizer to help me reduce my fine lines and wrinkles. I can have my HiMirror Plus analyze my skin each day to keep track of my results and to see if it's working. Plus, HiMirror will also recommend new products to me hat are perfect for my skincare concerns! It's seriously the best thing ever! 

What I also appreciate is that all the data that HiMirror Plus saves regarding your skin is secure and anonymous. They also have a facial recognition feature so you can be assured that only you are receiving your own information. This is perfect for people who share a mirror so you can set up your own mirror. In fact, my husband was super curious about his own skin so we set him up with his own account! 

This mirror is one of the best things I've seen and used in a long time! I wish I could just carry it with me when I travel too! So tell me friends, would you use this mirror? What do you think?
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  1. Oh wow that is so cool! I love it!

  2. This mirror looks amazing! I've seen so many people talking about it!

  3. This is so futuristic and amazing! I can't even believe how advanced our world is... I can't wait to see what they invent next!

    Jasmine /

  4. WOW! This seems really neat! Thank you for sharing!

  5. This looks amazing!! And I've never heard of this!!


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