Sep 8, 2017

Friday Favorites + Life Lately

Wow you guys. What a week- and despite it being a short one thanks to our awesome Labor Day weekend, its been brutal trying to get back in the swing of things after coming off of a trip like ours. Needless to say, I've been struggling ha! Pass the coffee please!

Anyways with long nights and even longer days, I've been really exhausted. It also doesn't help that my sweet four month old ( you know that cute kid in the picture above ) is STILL not sleeping through the night. We thought we had him on track when we left him with our neighbors over the weekend and she had him sleeping about 4 hours from 8-midnight and then a quick bottle and then back down again from 12:30a-8am! We couldn't wait to try it ourselves but of course, Landon had other issues. 

He's been up about two to three times PER night. I feel like I have a newborn again! I know part of the reason I may be the problem is because he's acting like hes hunger despite him chugging a 6oz bottle ( with rice cereal ! ) only 3 hours prior. Some of you thought maybe he's going through his 4 month regression period and you may be right. So keep those tips comin'!

Speaking of tips- thank you again for all your help with his eczema issue. I know it's a constant topic here on my blog but I can't but help but keep chatting about it because we still aren't sure of what the issue might be. Our ped prescribed him a steroid cream to start last night and we'll see how it helps him over the next week or so. She also loved that we were using the Cetaphil Lotion and Body Wash as well :: insert praise emoji hands ::

On other note- I swear this post isn't all about complaints! I'll just be living on some coffee ( or PSLs) for the next few days before I can get another solid 5+ hours in a row of REM. Can I get an Amen?! 

Let's share some Friday Favorites with you all  shall we! Grab that big mug ( or wine glass-- ya know it's Friday ) and we'll get started!

1. Weekend Fun - Zach is finally cashing in his Christmas present that I got him..oh you know just about 9 months late but hey, it'll be worth watching on my SnapChat + Insta Stories this weekend so you'll want to tune in for that! I'm also getting a new hair style + color and can't wait to show you what I've found! Eek! 

2. Fall Fashion - I've been so anxious for fall to get here because I'm enjoying this cooler weather that has finally hit Atlanta the last few days! THANK YOU! Give me all the cute boots, scarves and over sized sweatshirts friends! My favorites are this sweater, this scarf and I'll be saving up a few more dollars for these gorgeous boots. What are you anxious to wear this fall? 

3. Friendly + Filling Snacks - I can't wait to share more about this adorable, sweet and filling snack coming to the blog in a few weeks! I also can't wait to share how I've been hiding these from my husband because he'd eat than more than Lily and myself. Chocolate is his love language ;) 

4. Guests - My Uncle is coming up to stay with us for the weekend due to Hurricane Irma coming through. Is it just me or am I the only one who loves when visitors come! Of course it's all running around getting things ready, cleaning, preparing meals ( typical chaos right ? ) but so much fun regardless to have some quality time!

I'll check back in with you all Monday to hopefully a well rested little toddler, a new hair do ( hey girl ! ) and hilarious stories of Zach's ... well you'll see!! Happy Friday friends!

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  1. I love having visitors too! It might be hectic but I love providing for people! Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Cait, that teal sweater you linked is so fab! Can't wait until Fall fashion too :)



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