Sep 22, 2017

Our Time At The Outerbanks, NC

My family and I have been visiting Outerbanks, NC for the last 5 years. We travel every year and each year gets better and better. This is honestly one of my favorite vacations that I look forward to because it happens to be a time where I can visit with both sides of my immediate family. It's my Mom and my Dad's side that get together in one of these mega mansions on the beach and boy is it a blast!

We all pitch in to make meals for the 16 of us that are. We've grown from it just being all the cousins, Aunts and Uncles and newly married spouses to growing families of two and three kids now! It's so fun to see our children grow up together, play, laugh and joke around ( plus it gives us parents now a chance to relax a bit since our parents help watch the kids. #GrandparentsForTheWin! ) My sister and I love the quality time with all of our relatives and we feel so lucky that everyone truly does get along and also cherishes the time together.

Here's what we've been doing the last few days here! And yes it's a picture overload!

We drive back tomorrow morning and it still feels like this entire thing is such a good dream. Seriously, I always say this, but having such a strong family unit is everything to me and all of these cousins, Aunts/Unlces/Godparents all enjoying one another company, swapping stories, sharing moments and just being in the moment is what it's all about. I'm soaking it all in.
The one great thing is we'll hopefully all be together again in February as my best friend/cousin Megan gets married in Chicago. She also asked Lily and Landon to be her flower girl and ring bearer which they were so excited to be asked! As one of the MOH's, I'm so honored she asked them to be apart of her big day! Cheers to one awesome week friends!

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