Oct 25, 2017

3 Simple Ideas For a Home Business

Happy Wednesday everyone. Today I have my friend Elizabeth sharing some great home business ideas with you all that I think everyone can really benefit from! 
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The world of Business has changed drastically and people are looking for comfort, security and above all flexibility in making a living. The 9- 5 work is taking a hit as people especially women look for jobs that provide them with the necessary flexibility they need to make money for their needs. The term Home Business has become a norm not an anomaly
If you are stay at home mom or perhaps a working mom who wants to ditch the 9- 5 rat race, this term Home business will make a tremendous meaning to you. This is because it provides an escape route to pursue your passion and still attend to what matters the most to you be it your kids, health or family. Should you be considering starting a Home Business here are 3 simple businesses you can run from home
1 Online Coaching Business
Remember how you have to coach your little ones at home, one will think that adults do not require coaching right? Wrong. Millions of people are starting their businesses daily and they require that coaching to be able to succeed. With a coach, they can set goals and have someone to hold them accountable to those goals and ensure that they follow through. It’s even better where you have an expertise in one area so you can often be able to develop a strategy that will work well and also measure to see that results are coming in.
Here in lies your ability to offer online coaching to people who need it for a fee. You can charge per hour or per session, however you decide to do it, know that coaching online is a business that you can easily start by applying your already skills you already have that you may have acquired either while working or going through college or perhaps even while at home. Do you know that some first time moms find it difficult to get the hang of breastfeeding? Hence they have to see a lactation consultant in other to get the hang of it. This tells me that no skill you acquire is useless, all you have to do is to learn how to design it into bits and pieces and coach others who are struggling with it and Bam you have a business.
Your success with clients will often earn you a referral that will bring in more business, the key to succeeding in a coaching business is knowing your stuff and going to groups where those who need it will congregate.
2 Sewing:
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Sewing is a skill that some people may learn as a hobby or particularly because they want to have a Fashion business. With the advent of Chinese low cost labors these days, most fashion houses just design and send it over to China for manufacturing. But if sewing is what you love, there are many other uses that you can put your sewing machine to from handmade dolls to soft furnishings and d├ęcor and even bedspreads, the list is endless. Here are some examples of some sewing services you can offer
  • Craft-upholstering: These are people who design and sew upholsteries that are used on furniture
  • Soft Furnishing’s; Makers of Interior soft furnishings like throw pillows, ottoman, Curtains,
  • Customized dress making: Not everyone loves to wear off the shelf made clothing, some people prefer to have their own custom made dresses.
  • Customized wedding dress maker: You could make made to order wedding dresses for Brides.
  • Sewing tutor: You could run sewing tutoring lessons in other to transfer your skills to people who are interested in learning
  • Costume designer: You could design costumes for special occasions for those who would love handmade costumes
  • Pet dress maker: You could also make handmade pet clothing for pet lovers.
Etsy is an online marketplace that will make this business worthwhile if you want to sell your own products, it gives you a platform to sell your handmade goods. If you want to know how to start an Etsy shop,  read about it on my blog.

3 Graphic design
Graphic design is one of the most sought after skills of the 21st century, with the explosion of the internet, anyone that has graphic design skills should never have to worry about bringing home the bacon. If that is your skill there are many ways you  can build your business around this particular skill, one of them is in designing logos and Printable flyers for business marketing activities.,
You can also extend this skills to designing printable binders, t-shirts and mugs. These designs can be sold to others to use on their materials or you could print it on your own materials and sell the physical products.
For more in-depth post on how to turn your graphic design skills into a profitable business, read it on my blog.

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Elizabeth Uchealor is a Stay at home mom who encourages stay at home moms to start a Home business that supports their Lifestyle. She does this via her Blog: www.thehomebusinessowner.com
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