Oct 17, 2017

5 Baby Essentials You Need For The First Week

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When I first became a Mom I was shocked as to how little I knew about my newborn. I had read the books and thought I had done as much homework as possible, but as many parents know, your child is its own little person and will do anything BUT what the book says! There are so many essentials out there that you'll need to help your little one get through the first few days and weeks so I've rounded up my top 5 things that we used not just with my daughter, but also with my son who we had a few months ago!

Lucky for us, the majority of all of these items were found at my local Walmart, including Gerber® Pure® Water! It was easy to find, purchase and out the door we went! Would you like to know what else is essential to help you and your little one? I'll list them below!

1. Gerber® Pure® Water- My little one was a breastfed baby for the first few months up until a few weeks ago when my supply started to diminish slightly. Gerber® Pure® Water was exactly what I wanted my little one to enjoy mixed with a bit of formula and my breast milk. It's made specifically for mixing with formula or food for your little one! I know my little guy is eating well while getting some great nourishment and snuggles!

2. Washcloths -I tried to go minimalist thinking baby could just use ours, and we found our kid had red sensitive skin each time. An extra soft set of washcloths help with the sponge bath phase the first couple weeks, and are great to use when they start taking immersion baths.

3. Wrap Shirts/pants- As a new parent I failed to know that the umbilical cord would need loose clothes that weren’t a onesie. I had cute jammies and cute outfits ready to go and completely mom failed neglecting what they actually wear is a wrap shirt and a pair of pants the first few days. Some hospitals hook you up, but I’d have a few on hand just in case.

4.Vaseline - Boy moms beware if you circumcise, you’ll use a ton of this stuff and change every diaper with a large amount. Be sure to have some on hand- and get the kind you can squeeze out! We had small tubes from the hospital that we kept using and they were amazing!

5. Swaddles- I thought we’d need about three of these total. Little did I know babies spit up all over these, and sometimes you go through more than one a day! These little swaddles are perfect for keeping our little guy snuggled up tight and sleeping well now that he's wrapped up and warm.

What are some items that have helped you and your little one get through the first week together?

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  1. Excellent tips! As a new mom I thought I needed everything. After baby was a little older I laughed at myself and all the gear I had accumulated. Six years later when I had baby #2 and had forgotten everything about having a little person in my home I did the exact same thing! She is now two years old and I'm just going through that purging process again! #client

  2. These are some excellent tips! I am way past the baby stage, but sometimes I miss it!!!

  3. Thanks for the tips!! Can't wait to share with my bestie who's about to become a new mom!!

  4. Yes these are so spot on. And omg I just had a little boy two months ago and I was SO traumatized by the circumcision!! Definitely went through a lot of those Vaseline tubes!!!



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