Oct 16, 2017

Garage Sales And Birthday Parties

For starting October out and thinking we had almost every weekend free ( ha ) that only lasted a few minutes before we began filling our calendar with trips to the pumpkin patch, birthday parties, cleaning out our closets, carving pumpkins and of course, Halloween at the end of the month. Phew!
 For our family, we've been wanting to put on a garage sale for the last 4 years! But with so many moves across Chicago to Atlanta- from an apartment to a house - and then welcoming our little guy a few months ago.. well, let's just say we've been putting it off for far too long! Once we began to figure out what we wanted to sell, it was only a matter of time ( or hours ) that we gathered everything, labeled and priced all our items to be sold.

I think the hardest part for me was my husband being on a late shift last week which meant I was rushing with the kids after I got home from work to make dinner, get baths done, clean up dinner, read books, attempt to get them both down by 8pm and then tackle bringing boxes, setting up clothes and re organizing everything to be ready to go early last Friday morning. If you know me, I'm such a Grandma when it comes to doing things at night so I was trying my hardest to stay awake to get things done before Zach came home to help. Again- such a Grandma!

But success comes from hard work as we all know and we had a great time with neighbors selling and thankfully getting rid of so many things that was cluttering up our rooms! Ahhh. What a great feeling am I right?! One of the people that came to visit was looking for clothes to donate to an orphanage in South America and after loading up a few shopping bags full of clothes, we gave them a HUGE deal on everything because of such their good cause. They were soo appreciative and we were so excited to have been apart of something like that. #PayItForward

After the garage sale on Friday and Saturday, we ended the weekend on a high by attending a friend's birthday party at a jump house. Do you think my three and a half year old had a great time? The girl could not contain her excitement ( or jumping abilities ) and passed out half way through our car ride home from the party. We also can't wait to introduce her to gymnastics (FINALLY) after attempting to get her in through our Park District the last few months we got a Saturday spot. It really is crazy to attempt to get your kids in classes on weekends when spots are so limited and apparently everyone in Atlanta is going for the same one you are! I'll keep you all posted on how it's going next weekend!
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