Oct 26, 2017

Little Spoon

This post is sponsored by Little Spoon. My opinion and pictures are all my own. 

When I had Lily a few years ago I wanted to do everything myself. I tried nursing as long as I could ( about 3 months or so ) but then moving onto the next phase after formula -- aka attempting to make our own baby food-- seemed like it would be a breeze. Ha! Boy was I wrong. It was so much more work than what everyone says. Of course the easier way was just purchasing pre made food already in the store but with so many concerns and stories of mold or gosh knows what going on inside those pouches, I was terrified.
Here we are almost four years later and now it's Landon's turn to start becoming introduced to more yummier items and I again was feeling overwhelmed with what to do when starting to make baby food again. Thank goodness for Little Spoon!

Little Spoon is a nutritionist and pediatrician recommended baby food thats made using HPP ( high pressure processing- as in like your favorite cold pressed juices! ) which is safe, organic and nutritious to alternative to everything currently on the market. No really- everything that they make is actually not older than your baby! Did you know the majority of the food on the shelves is? Ugh- no thank you!

If you're like me and are super busy with life ( aka you work, have two kids, you also full time blog, attempt a social life with friends, work out, run errands, take your pets to their appointments ... and you know- life ) then you'll want to jump on this amazing bandwagon of enjoying something checked off your list every week.

So how does it work? You simply answer a few questions about your little one and then choose which options and how many you want to have shipped of the food on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. SAY WHAT! Thank you for not having to run to the store whenever I need to get baby food ( aka like three times a week because my 6 month old is a monster when it comes to food )

I started Landon off on enjoying some of the best looking mango food I've ever seen ( besides making it myself ) and I actually tried some! It honestly tasted as if I was eating a ripe fresh mango and I gave the biggest sigh of relief when spoon feeding it to my little man and watching him devour it within a few minutes. Let's just say we are BIG fans of this product and can't wait to continue enjoying their delicious meals in the upcoming days and weeks!

Have you tried Little Spoon?

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  1. Those look amazing!! I don't have kids but if I did I would want them to eat as natural and plant based as possible so those would be perfect.

  2. I don't have kids but this looks great!

  3. This sounds amazing! I’ll have to try it out once my daughter moves on to solid food!



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