Oct 5, 2017

My Husband Swears By This Undershirt

This post is sponsored by AtmosWear. All opinions and thoughts are my own. 

 My husband Zach is a huge fan of undershirts. In fact, over the last few years, he's tried so many different brands but none have really been everything he's needed. Zach, as you can tell, has extremely broad shoulders. His football size frame requires him to find a shirt that not only meets his shoulder muscles but also his long torso. You can imagine it's difficult for his frame size.

I cannot tell you how excited I was for him to try these AtmosWear Undershirts! He mostly wears white and at first, we were both unsure if they would live up to the hype that so many customers had shared. Boy do they ever though!

First off, the second I took them out of their package, I swooned over at how silky soft they were! No really! I didn't want to take my hands off of the nylon blend. Usually Nylon is originally created as a substitute for silk and this may be one of my new shirts to steal and wear myself at night because of how incredibly the fabric is. Did I mention it's also machine washable?! BINGO!

I also loved how breathable the fabric was. Unlike the majority of Zach's undershirts which are cotton, this not only helps dry the moisture faster but it keeps you feeling fresh when you're running around on your busy days at work, errands or just getting housework done. Personally, I love the v-neck cut so it makes a great shirt for Zach to wear under any type of shirts- dress shirts, hiking, the gym or suits!

A huge feature was that it was extra long! I told you that it's so difficult to find not only shirts that fit Zach's shoulders but length also plays into a huge factor to that. The fact that this shirt is designed for tall men and has that extra long fabric so your undershirts can stay tucked in was exactly what he was looking for in the perfect undershirt!

If you're looking for the perfect undershirt for your man, AtmosWear is it! We may be getting a few more of these in the next few months too! You can use my discount code to get 15% off - CAITSC15 ! Happy shopping! 
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