Oct 23, 2017

Our Weekend of Gymnastics, Pumpkin Carving + My First Boot Camp

Another jam packed weekend over in my household! I shared last Friday that Lily was super excited to begin her first Gymnastic's class and we couldn't have been more enthused to watch her leap and jump around the mat with her other classmates. This might sound silly to some, but as our little family of three watched her giggle and truly enjoy the class, Zach and I just kept whispering how much we enjoyed and loved seeing our first born truly in her element.

Some weekends you are just running around until the sun goes down but taking a bit of time to enjoy the little moments worth of watching your toddler enjoying a class is what we love to do ( and def need to do more often ). Agreed?! We ran a few errands before coming home, getting our house ready for company and putting the kids down for a nap.

While they napped I felt like Zach and I didn't have a moment to spare between laundry, cleaning, setting up pumpkin carving stations, making one of Zach's delicious batches of homemade chili and putting together a few Halloween decor up around the house. Target serious the win for that one with so many cute items in their dollar section. #MomWin

Our friends Annie and Jordan came over later in the afternoon and brought over a delicious dessert ( + dairy free so total winning in my book ! ) and we picked out our carving items while snacking, laughing and catching up. After carving we finally dug into Zach's chili and ended the night with a few wet clothes after giving the kids a bath and watching Hocus Pocus!
Sunday morning came quicker than expected and I grabbed a bar before running out the door to meet up with a few of my blogging buddies and friends for Barry's Boot Camp that Ashley had put on. We met at Bloomingdales and I admit, I was pretty nervous for my first boot camp. Considering I haven't really worked out since my physical therapy a few weeks ago, I knew I was going to get my butt kicked big time. Thankfully, a lot of us seemed to be in the same boat so we kept one another laughing and motivated throughout the class. Phew!

After the class I ran a few errands and was able to get a lot of work in while both of my kids took a nap and Zach went out with a friend to go see the movie IT. I absolutely hate scary movies so I had no problem staying home to get work and meal prepping done for the week ha! We ended our weekend with delicious salmon burgers I had grabbed at Trader Joes plus my Ben and Jerry's Non-Dairy Brownie Fudge Ice Cream. One busy and great weekend in the books for sure!

What did you do this weekend that challenged you? 

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  1. Yall are expert pumpkin carvers lol. Looks like a fun weekend.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! Your pumpkins look awesome. I love taking boot camp classes, so I hope you had a great workout.

  3. Sounds like such a great time! I love the pumpkin carving...Wish we did more of that at our place! I never learned how to lol


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