Oct 4, 2017

Teaching My Children To Give Back

I always say, one of the most important jobs I've ever had throughout my 31 years is being a parent. As a parent, I want to teach my toddler ( and newborn when he gets older ) the importance of giving back because so many have helped us out in the past. With the recent events of Hurricane Irma and Harvey hitting Houston, Florida and even here in Atlanta, we've been able to help those in need and been helped in return.
 My three and a half year old has a heart of gold and I'm not just saying that because I'm her Mother. She's always the first one to make sure a friend is ok if they are crying, offers the last bite of her cookie to someone else who may want it or includes an outsider to play with her and her friends on the playground. I'm telling you- the biggest heart ever. So it only made sense to keep talking to her about how we can give back to others.

When I was asked to help raise funds for RMHC, I was excited to start my first RMHC Raise Love online fundraiser to help support families with sick children. I'm sure you're wondering what is Raise Love for RMHC about and how does it work? Well let me share!

What Will Raise Love #forRMHC Do?
Since 1974, Ronald McDonald House Charities has helped provide resources and stability for families with sick children in more than 64 countries and regions around the world. They help the financial strain on families with sick children by providing housing that is near their hospitalized child and helps alleviate some of those financial burdens for families that may be in another city. They also provide basic medical and dental care for communities in need.

What Are the Goals for Raise Love #ForRMHC Goals?
So last year, RMHC helped provide 2.4 million overnight stays to families that had a sick child. This year, they are asking each of us to start a fundraiser doing what we love to provide an additional 12,500 more overnight stays for those families in need by the end of 2018. This way, families with a sick child can spend more time together, be near their child when an important decision needs to be made and be closer to their doctors.
How You Can Help + Start Your Own Fundraiser!
Anything is up for grabs as long as it is family-friendly and you love to do it! It's so easy! Do you love to bake? Attempt juggling? Ask your friends to donate a certain amount for every successful juggling round! What about exercising? How about donating for every hour you exercise! Here's how you can start your own Raise Love #forRMHC fundraiser, and follow these steps.

1. Choose something you're passionate about
2. Set a goal
3. Share your fundraiser with family and friends!
What Am I Doing?
My love language is reading and I'm also all about teaching my children the importance of giving back as well so together, we are having a read-a-thon at my home! For every 30 minutes read by each of us, we are putting a dollar in the jar. Our goal is not only to share our love of reading ( and quiet time ;) ) with others, but also donating our reading jar proceeds to help those in need! How can you start your own online fundraiser? Just click on the Raise Love Fundraiser Page and click the big yellow ' Start A Fundraiser' tab on the right. In fact, can you believe the hardest part was deciding what I wanted to do?

How are you going to help ? Donate today or start your own fundraiser to help give back!


  1. What a beautiful lesson! Way to raise beautiful little people!

  2. Very awesome keep doing what your doing!

  3. We hope to d things like this once our children are older!

  4. Such a great post, keep teaching them. Children are such a wonderful blessing, keep up the great work!

  5. my favorite things about this post the beautiful photos and the happy smiling faces! keep it up mama :)


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