Nov 7, 2017

6 Rules For Hosting A Playdate!

Today I have my friend Holly sharing some important rules for a play date. I've been on a few myself with my little and these are actually SO true ha! Hope you enjoy them and thanks Holly for sharing your ideas!

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Playdates. They're a necessary evil of motherhood. Yes, it's fun to get out of the house and chat with other moms. But the problem with playdates is that you have to return the favor. You have to host a playdate too.

Now maybe you're one of those moms that thrives on chaos. Maybe you like hearing the sound of a herd of buffalo running around your home. Maybe you like looking around and seeing the aftermath of "Hurricane Playdate." Maybe you love wondering if that's your kid's booger on the wall, or one of your friend's kid's…

I'm kidding, I'm kidding. It's really not that bad. Especially if you follow these rules for hosting a playdate.

1. Only invite the "good mom friends." You know the type. They ones that won't care if your sink is full of dirty dishes and your laundry is piled up higher than Mount Everest. The ones who will bring wine. The ones that will ignore their kids and talk to you. Those are the moms to invite!

2. Be ready to be interrupted by your children approximately 100,000,000 times. "I need to go potty! Can I have a snack? He hit me! Can we play with play-doh? Can we go outside? Can you fix this toy for me?"

3. Speaking of play-doh, hide it! Hide all the messy toys like play-doh, paint, and kinetic sand. Trust me on this one.

4. Be prepared for your house to be torn apart. Don't bother picking up before the playdate. The kids will destroy your home. Every toy will be out and it'll be hard to walk across the play-room without getting lost in a sea of Legos, dress-up clothes, and baby dolls. Just roll with it. Take deep breaths, and remember that you can clean up later.

5. Serve a great beverage. Morning playdates call for "mom-mosas." Baileys and coffee are great for mid-morning playdates. And anything after 12pm calls for wine!

6. Make sure to have individually packed snacks and juice boxes on hand. Because there's nothing scarier than a gang of hungry toddlers! Toss them a bag of goldfish and an apple juice box, and go back to sipping your mom-mosa.

Lastly, I've have to include one rule for attending a playdate. Don't be a jerk - make your kids clean up at least a few toys before leaving. Otherwise you may not be invited back! (See rule #1 above.)

So for those times of the year when it's too cold or hot to hit up the local playground, use these rules as a guide to get you through the dreaded playdate!
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