Nov 13, 2017

A PMS Package You Don't Want To Miss

** This post is sponsored by The PMS Package. All pictures and opinions are my own. 

Ugh- that dreaded time of the month has come again. I know what you're thinking. Time to run out again and grab more girly items like tampons and pads, load up on chocolate or hunt around for those hot pads again because you can't deal with those cramps. Girl- I'm so there with you! You may have seen me share a bit about something super cool on my Insta Stories a few day ago so I wanted to share more about for those of you interested -- wait, what am I talking about?

The PMS Package. First of all I have no idea why I didn't think of this myself but it's genius! The PMS package is a brilliant service that allows you to either have a premium or original box full of goodies that will help you get through that awful week that we dread each month. Also, unlike most or other subscription services, you can customize when you get the package; that way it's really synced up with your cycle! You can also pick a plan, prepay for various amounts ahead and save some extra cash!

A premum box is $34.99 per month. This includes 8-11 unique craving, feminine and comfort care products in every box. Usually about $20 extra retail value over plus its FREE shipping.

Original Box is $29.99 per month- this has about 7 unique craving, comfort and feminine care products in each box.

So what came in my box?

1. Chocolate Chip Cookies- Because who seriously can't resist a delicious, gooey and all around one of the best comfort foods out there?!

2. Notebook and Pen- You all know I'm a huge writer and I love how adorable this notebook with kisses and cute pen are! My toddler actually snagged this and began to doodle in it so she's claimed it as her own for the time being.

3. Peach Body Butter- Because all I really want to do is take a long hot bath and then smell like peaches afterwards. #Truth.

4. Midol - A woman's best friend. NO really.

5. Feminine Wipes - No explanation needed for this one but a really great idea in my opinion!

6. Menstru Heat- I cannot tell you enough how much I adore these heating pads for when my cramps get really bad. Thank goodness I have an extra set right to help me out. And a huge soft blanket to curl up under.

7. Cookie Thins - OF course- more chocolate cookies to devour!

8. Sea Salt Dark Carmel - I had to hide these as soon as I saw them because I knew my husband would try and find them and probably eat them all himself ha. They are so delicious and if you're a dark chocolate fan like myself you'll love this!

9. Choc-O-Rocks - These adorable chocolate rock candies look like princess pop rocks but in a yummy chocolate flavor. My daughter thought they were for her ( clearly I need to open this box up without my family members finding it ha ) and I loved the pink and purple combination of these adorable chocolates to eat.

Do you want to know another cool thing about this? It wasn't even started by woman. It actually began with two 19 year old boys who thought of the idea! WHAT. Mind blown you guys! If you're excited as I am to try this unique and needed subscription box, then what are you waiting for! Order today!

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  1. This is a neat idea! I've never heard of this before--seems like a great deal too!

  2. I just came across these period boxes and my 13 yr old daughter just loved them! Haven't decided which one to sign up for but seeing what is in this one may have just made up my mind!

  3. This is such a neat idea! I love it! I don't get my period as I have the BC implant but it would be something nice for my youngest to get. So cool. Thank you for sharing.

  4. They've sponsored me this month as well! I've already eaten all of the sweets lol. Nice pics!


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