Nov 8, 2017

When You Can't Catch A Break

Happy Wednesday friends. I'm just now slowly starting to write this post this morning after a super long night with my sweet boy. I got a phone call yesterday from our sweet 'Gammy' as we affectionate call her ( aka our bff's Mom who watches Landon for us ) telling me had been throwing up all afternoon!

As someone whose almost 4 year old has only thrown up ONCE in her life, I was a little worried for our little man. We all seemed to be feeling fine the last few days and this poor kid just can't catch a break. From his awful eczema, to a staff infection the last few weeks and now this weird bug causing him to be miserable? Ugh- I can't say how truly heartbreaking it is to watch your sweet kid not really understand why this is happening to him and you can't really do much about it.

I was able to leave work a little early, grab some Pedilyte  and get some extra snuggles with that little guy. Do you ever just feel like you can't catch a break too? I feel just super behind on everything- work related, blogging related- social aspect and all..although I try to pretend like I have it all together some days ha!

On a fun note- check out my Instagram for a 1,000 Giveaway to Amazon! It ends tomorrow night so make sure you enter to grab some extra cash for the Holiday season! Good luck and stay tuned for some fun things coming to the blog in the next few days! You won't want to miss it!

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  1. Aww, poor little one. Hope he feels better soon! Sounds like an awesome giveaway on IG!

  2. Poor thing!! It is the worst when kids get sick! And I feel you on the eczema - my little guy has had it SO bad on his bum and I feel awful :(. Also, what an amazing giveaway!!

  3. Oh it really sucks when the babies get sick. Sounds like a great giveaway!

  4. Aw! Poor thing, but enjoy the extra snuggles! Heading over to insta to enter this giveaway, because YES PLEASE!

  5. Sick babies are the worst! It just breaks my heart. I hope your little sweetie feels better soon.

  6. Oh poor kiddo! Hope he feels better soon. Hang in there, Noone can have it all pulled together 100% of the time!i have to remind myself of this every other day!

  7. Aw hope he gets to feeling better soon! Being sick is no fun!


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