Dec 7, 2017

4 Tips To Keep Calm During December

If you’re like me, once December comes around its like everything goes into 100 miles an hour. I have so many Christmas parties, holiday get together with friends and family members, decorations to put up, presents and gifts to wrap and give that I just feel as if the weeks and days fly by! This is really one of my favorite holidays to enjoy with everyone and I realize I need to take time to truly  cherish these times, especially because it’s Landon’s first Christmas! I also realize why I get super stressed out because not being at home all the time to get my house in order really gets my anxiety going.

While the hustle and bustle of the holiday seasons can be super overwhelming, I think we all need to take a step back and try to not only relax but slow down a bit too. Here are a few ways to keep calm during the Christmas season.

1. Lists – I have to make a list for absolutely everything. Now this doesn’t mean always a pen and paper but even just notes on my phone or reminders that pop up every half hour or hour to keep me going. f you’re a regular list maker, you probably have several lists going at once for different aspects of your life. It may be natural for you to write things down—but it often seems like your lists are always growing and you’re never getting it all done.
 If you don’t write lists, you probably keep everything in your head, trying to remember it all. That leads to mental exhaustion and things slipping through the cracks. Either way, it’s frustrating because you never seem to get ahead and always feel like you’re behind or letting people down. This is why we need to write everything down in one place so you can see what you have. Once it’s all written down, it’s just a matter of organizing it and plugging it all into your calendar.

2. Keep Moving- This may seem crazy to some, but if I have a huge list of things to get accomplished I feel energized and ready to go! The second I sit down, I loose all motivation to do anything ha! So I keep moving—and how so? I make sure that I have some fun music to keep my energy up as well as attempt to exercise a few times a week. This doesn’t mean I need an hour and a half gym session but I do feel amazing just even after a half hour walk on the treadmill. Whatever your choice- keep yourself active and energized instead of feeling sluggish. You’ll thank me for it. I promise.

3. Eat Well- We all have our treats and love to indulge on the holidays. Hello- it’s WHY we all wear those comfy sweats all season long right? Of course you can have your cake and eat it too by making sure you’re providing your body with nourishment and heathy options throughout the day too. DON’T STARVE or SKIP MEALS. I’m huge on snacking and love gathering RX bars, trail mix or fruit strips to keep my hunger at bay. I also then don’t feel bad about having a slice of pie or a few scoops of ice cream to round everything out at the end of the night because I ate healthy during the day. It’s about balance my friend.

4. Sleep- I get it- trying to stay calm and sleeping just may not mix right now but don’t we all function better when we have a good night’s rest? I’m one that needs about 8-10 hours per night ( not like it happens all the time but I attempt it ) so sleep really does make me feel great.

How do you stay  calm during the holidays?

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  1. I make a lot of lists too, and sleep is the best.... Loved reading your post.

    Please do check out my blog it's about my twins.

  2. These are great suggestions. We need to keep healthy and make time for rest during this busy season.

  3. Great tips! Have you tried the wunderlist app? I'm trying to keep my lists organized and while I still use paper, I'm attempting to use this "new to me" app too. Happy holidays!

  4. Yes to all of these, but especially the lists! That's the only way I stay organized ever. But especially during the holidays.


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